My name is Jeff “JB” Boswell I’m 26 years old and here is my story on how I lost 159lbs.

It was in 2011, I just turned 25, and looked at myself in the mirror and asked myself ‘who am I’ and “how did I get so big.”

At that time I weighed 379 lbs and was very unhappy. I didn’t feel good about myself…. so with the help of the my lord Jesus Christ and my friend, who is also my personal trainer, (Sam Johnson) I decided to make a change.

For the first two weeks my trainer had me doing weight and resistance training and very intense cardio sessions. So after the two weeks were over, Sam told me that if I really wanted results, it was going to be up to me. So from then on I worked out by myself… And honestly…. the first couple of weeks were really rough and sometimes I questioned whether this was really worth it or not. Finally I made the decision, because if I didn’t change my ways, I was going to have long term health issues or possibly die an early death.So realizing I had to change my ways, I attacked it at full force. After working out intensely for 6 weeks, I lost 28lbs in that time. By the 4th month I lost 50lbs. Knowing that I lost 50lbs in just 4 months, I finally believed that I can really lose weight and begin living a healthy life. So in 7 months I reached the century mark in losing 100lbs.

At this time I wasn’t only melting the fat away, I was also melting the self doubt and the unhappiness away; I wasn’t just gaining muscle, but I gained confidence and joy.

Health Today?

Well I’ve been working out for about 14 months and now the gym is part of my everyday life; just as routine as the way we brush our teeth and take a shower every day. I couldn’t be more happy than I am today. Also, when people see me these days, they either compliment me or sometimes give me a double take because they don’t recognize me.

Before and After health

When I started working out I was 379 lbs with 45% body fat, Now 14 months later, I’m 218 lbs with 22% body fat, with a total loss of 161 lbs and 23% body fat lost.

Workout Routine

My workout is simple it involves weights, Abs workout, and cardio. For weights I use light weights but a lot of reps and workout out one muscle group for each day.

For example:
Mon-Biceps/Triceps, Tues-Legs, Wed-Chest, Thurs-Shoulders, and Friday-Back.

For cardio I jog on the treadmill for about 20 minutes and workout on the stair master for 10 minutes, also I use the elliptical from time to time.

My abs workout consists of simply sit-ups, incline crunches, and cross crunches.

Eating Habits

My eating habits before were very horrible they consisted of fast food almost every day, cakes and other fatty deserts, and sodas and other drinks with high fructose corn syrup.
Since then, I have dramatically changed my eating habits:
I eat oatmeal for breakfast.
For lunch I eat grill chicken and veggies.
Dinner I usually eat some type of baked or roasted chicken with brown rice.

Can it be done?

Yes it can be done, but it’s going to be up to the person who really wants to change. I hear a lot of people always talking that they want to lose weight, but don’t want to do the necessary work to achieve that goal. Just believe in yourself and take each workout one workout at a time, and before you know it; you’re going to achieve your health goal and feel good about yourself. I thank you for listening to my story.

The Potato Diet – What you Need to Know

The Potato Diet – What you Need to Know
The Potato Diet – What you Need to Know

The potato diet is next to diets, like the pineapple diet or the cabbage soup diet, the mono-diets. Numerous variants are now disseminated on the Internet and in many magazines. Often, miracles are promised to be caused by the potato. But this diet can really deliver what they promise?
“Potatoes are the German favorite side dish”: it is said, and rightly so. They are not just fat and calories, but contain fiber, vitamins, minerals and other valuable ingredients. They are among the basic food and submit to an acidification of the body before it. Potatoes also contain dietary fiber and saturated for an extended period. Last but not least a very cheap foods are potatoes and thus affordable for every lunch.
Potato products in the diet is a calorie-restricted diet. This means that you should take three meals and two snacks a day about 800-1100 calories. Besides potatoes, vegetables and fruit are allowed, but which should be cooked without fat and salt. To compensate for the unbalanced diet, you should vary with meals every 3-4 days, by eg potato dishes with fish, meat or low-fat cottage cheese cooked lean. The enlargement of the potato dishes, the body receives nutrients important, because even though potatoes are rich in ingredients, an unbalanced diet leads to deficiency symptoms. In addition, you should drink plenty of water and season the food well to prevent dehydration
With the potato diet you lose a few pounds very quickly and you will know now how to get rid of lower belly fat. But unfortunately, this is not to fat but water. A further weight loss is no more on the special properties of the potato back to lead but to the greatly reduced caloric intake. If the meal plan, but extended to other fat-and calorie foods, so the potato diet also be used over a longer period. Strict potato diets that prescribe only potatoes on the meal plan are not recommended.

Tips for Training for A Marathon

Tips for Training for A Marathon
Tips for Training for A Marathon

Humans are capable of doing some pretty amazing things. One of the biggest accomplishments that a person can do is running a marathon. In order to be able to finish a marathon the person running will need to do some serious training. If you are considering a marathon or are already signed up to run one, here are three things that you can do to enhance your training:

Get the proper gear– One of the first things that you need to do as you begin preparing for your marathon is get some high quality gear. You need to get some excellent running shorts and some even better running shoes. When you go and look for shoes, make sure that you speak with someone who completely understands the importance of good fitting shoes so that they can help you find the right match. Make sure that your running shoes fit your feet perfectly so that you can avoid any unnecessary injuries as you train. A good pair of shoes can help you to avoid hurting your ankle, and even help you to improve your times.
Keep an eye on injuries- As you begin training for your marathon or half marathon, you need to keep an eye on injuries. One of the most common things that you will face is blisters on your feet. Do your best to manage blisters and help them heal quickly so that they don’t turn into long-term problems for you. Other types of injuries include things like stress fractures which can take several weeks to occur and even longer to heal. If you notice that something is hurting more than just a sore muscle then you should see a physician to get examined immediately.
Follow a program- One of the hardest parts of training for a marathon is know how much you should run and how often you should run. There are some really excellent training guidelines that you can find online that will help you to start training several months in advance. This way you can ease into the task of running a marathon and not overdo-it. Something that may surprise you with a marathon training program is that you will rarely have to run extremely long distances. There are many people who would assume that in order to run a marathon you would need to run close to 26miles in preparation, and this is simply not true.
Stay in it for the long haul – Finishing a marathon is an honor for a reason — because it’s hard stuff! If you only train on days when you feel energetic, happy, or it’s sunny outside you will quickly find that your body is not making the gains that it needs to in order to run 26.2 miles. A good way to make sure that you are sticking to your running schedule is to run with a partner or two and to enter into smaller races before the actual marathon. It’s amazing what a little half-marathon or a few 10k runs can do to keep you on track, even when you aren’t feeling well. They will make sure that you arrive on the day of the race having stayed consistent in your training. Remember: “slow and steady wins the race!”
Another thing that you might want to consider when it comes to marathon training, is joining a group of people that you can train with. Running that far is no simple task and having people around to keep you motivated really helps. If you really want to get serious, you could always look into hiring a personal trainer.

The South Beach Diet Review & Eating Plan

The South Beach Diet Review & Eating Plan
The South Beach Diet Review & Eating Plan

The South Beach Diet is the brainchild of Dr. Arthur Agatston, MD, a cardiologist. In essence it’s a low carb diet, although it’s more moderate in its approach than our previous two diets. There are, however, still a few basic issues constantly under debate. Dr. Agatston reasons that most people who are overweight don’t only eat the wrong foods, but they also eat portions that are out of proportuion to their bodies’ needs. As such, the South Beach Diet teaches you not only to eat the right foods, but also to eat in moderation.

South Beach Diet Review & Eating Plan
During the initial phase lasting around two weeks, there is a marked shift towards consuming fewer carbohydrates and more protein. You are taught how to control your cravings, and how to eat smaller portions. The carbohydrate portion of your diet is also drastically limited.

Once your body has adapted to the changes and your digestive system and metabolism perform as they should, a number of fruits and vegetables, as well as whole grain products, are introduced as well. This then allows you to consume a more balanced diet. During this phase your body’s functioning is restored to what it should be.

The last phase involves permanently adapting to your new way of eating, and sticking to it for the rest of your life. Once you have adapted to the new eating habits and are motivated by what you have achieved, holding to this new “normal” should theoretically be easy.

In reality, though, there are a few problems you may have with the South Beach Diet program. First of all, the eating plan is very strict. As such, you will probably be cutting out a number of foods that you really love, and some of these might have to disappear from your life altogether. For that reason alone, many people find it difficult to stay on this diet without cheating from time to time.

Additionally, the diet itself is somewhat complex, with a bit of a learning curve involved. Most people – in our modern day and age – lead busy lives, and don’t have the time or patience to decipher what they should or should not do when it comes to eating.

As a result the details tend to get lost in the rush, and the diet is often – due to a lack of knowledge – discarded as not being efficient, or not producing the desired results.

Additionally, there is also still much debate going on around the issue of creating a condition of ketosis (which occurs when you suddenly remove all sugar from your diet), and the medical dangers associated with it – especially for those who are not perfectly healthy to begin with.




African mango is extracted from Irvingia Gabonese’s tree .This tree is found in Africa and Southeast Asia – just like african mango plus.

Several studies conducted in tribal populations in Africa, discovered that people in certain areas had lower incidence of obesity, diabetes and related diseases, due to the constant use of a paste made from the Irvingia seeds. These studies led to the development of a concentrated extract of Irvingia which reduces LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels and increasing HDL cholesterol levels, while also reducing glucose blood levels.

Benefits of African Mango

Normally the extract from the mango is sold in pots containing 60 capsules of 150 mg each.

These capsules are taken before meals, hence, acts directly on the person’s body.

The capsule makes the person lose fluid, because of its diuretic action. Another action is directly related to the burning of fat, which is done through a process that acts directly on cells that produce this fat.

Besides acting in the body, it is also proved that the African sleeve acts directly on the brain of individuals, reducing the compulsive desire to eat candy.

Another positive point in the performance and functioning of the Africans’ mango extract is that it helps reduce cholesterol levels LDL (bad cholesterol) and triglycerides in the body. It also allows cholesterol levels HDL (good cholesterol) increase.

Furthermore, this mango extract can also reduce blood glucose levels.

Where to find African Mango

The African mango is not sold in drugstores and conventional pharmacies. It is found most commonly in drugstores or in homes that usually sell food supplements.

It helps you lose weight

The use of this extract is currently more connected to weight loss, but this is not the only function of this important statement of nature. There are other indications for the extracted mango. Here are the most important functions (namely mango afrykańskie);

Combating obesity;

As an aid in the treatment of diabetes and other related diseases;

To control bad cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides;

To reduce the glucose level in the blood;

To assist in regulating bowel function;

This makes it clear that the Africans’ mango can be an important ally for those seeking to reduce weight, it can also help those want to regulate the proper functioning of the body and treat diseases such as diabetes.

With several proven and attested tests by laboratories around the world, it is very difficult to turn away the African mango extract with many such given benefits.

Get your African Mango and enjoy its benefits

Finding The Best Weight Loss Plan For Your Daily Routine

Finding The Best Weight Loss Plan For Your Daily Routine
Finding The Best Weight Loss Plan For Your Daily Routine

If ever there was a common issue faced by the majority of working adults with regards to losing weight it is this one: “Not enough time in the day to commit to the best weight loss plan”. (See easy weight loss tips). This reason is one that will circumvent even the best weight loss plans on the market. But what can you do in this situation?
After all, if you are not experiencing quick weight loss already then your everyday routine probably already includes the following:
Waking up early.
Going to work.
Eating lunch wherever it is convenient.
Eating dinner wherever it is most convenient.
All of this before returning home exhausted from the events of the day. And mind you this is a weakness of the best weight loss programs out there. They can’t give you time you don’t truly have to give
Even if you have a few hours remaining free after you return home, chances are you currently have other commitments such as family, that you need to deal with. Again another issue that even the best weight loss program can not solve directly.
Now if this routine sounds familiar, you aren’t alone. There are countless working adults who find themselves in the same place. This is why it’s no surprise that you would be having issues finding the the time to easily fit in a weight loss strategy into your hectic agenda. But although it might be tough, it isn’t impossible.
Here’s how you begin:
Find a diet plan that you can stay with
Don’t try to choose any specific diet plan if you’re not really able to choose what you are going to eat while at work. Instead, try a few alternatives with the single idea of reducing your average calorie consumption.
Bring some fruit to work in order to snack on whenever you can, after which eat a scaled-down lunch if you have to venture out. Also, drink lots of water during the day, so that your urge for food remains under control. Not so difficult, right?
Of course this really is just an example. At the end of the day the idea is to have reduced your calories from fat, so as long as you will find something that works for you, opt for it!
Choose between fitness center workouts or house workouts
Sometimes there is just no time to visit the gym, particularly if it is situated quite a distance away, and you are going to spend your time traveling to this before you head home. So what you could perform instead is just work out at home.
On the other hand, you could awaken earlier and get inside a quick workout in the club before you start your job.
Really, the choice is yours, however the idea is to pick the most convenient choice that you can stick with. If you really can’t discover any time, simply 20 minutes associated with some exercise of one type or another before you go to sleep is still better than nothing and should be manageable until more time is found!
Discover how fitting in the best weight loss plan is all about discovering what you can and can not deal with consistently. Once you have the answer to this you can reliably stick to what you have created for yourself.
Don’t opt for the ‘best possible option’, rather opt for the ‘best possible option that’s convenient for you’. If you do this you are a lot more prone to end up sticking with your weight reduction routine, which is an essential thing in the long run.
In the end, being on the actual ‘best’ option is actually pointless if you fail to keep going after 7 days, right?



Somehow, calories have received a bad reputation among people. But why? A calorie is only a unit of measurement. The calorie is the amount of energy it takes to heat one gram of water by one degree Celsius. Food calories, large calories, the number written on the back of every packaged food and that the gym poster says you’re burning per class, are actually kilogram calories, equal to 1,000 small calories. In simple terms, the number of calories in foods represent the amount of energy they can provide your body with. We need energy so why do we hate calories? Here’s the thing. In order to lose weight, we must use or “burn” more calories than we digest, right? You know this. If we digest more calories than we burn, our body stores that energy potential as fat for later use. When we create a calorie deficit by digesting fewer calories than our activity throughout the day requires, our metabolism uses up that stored fat to get the calories it needs. We then lose weight because our body is using up our body fat. This is good, but don’t take it too far. If you continue to have a calorie deficit that is too great, your body slows metabolism and tries to store as much fat as possible, even by sacrificing muscle tissue first because it think you’re starving it. Too few calories will send your body into fat-storage mode and cause you to pack on more pounds. You need calories to live and thrive, but too much of any good thing can be bad.

“Calorie counting is a perfect formula.”

Ever looked at a handful of berries and eaten the smallest ones first, leaving the big ones to be eaten last or picked the largest, brightest orange of the lot to eat? Ever taken the first sip of your latte and been surprised by just how sweet that barista must think you like your coffee drinks? This is just one problem with relying on calorie counting. Rarely will what you are eating match exactly the estimate number of calories you read on the menu or that popped up on the screen when you punched your snack into your calorie counting app. When you finish that 600 calorie cycling class at the gym and punch that in, did you stop to wonder if you were working just as hard as everyone else or even if you were working harder? DId you count 15 calories you burned running around the house looking for your keys this morning? What about the extra two hundred you burned cleaning the house this evening? Calorie counting isn’t a perfect formula so don’t take it so far as to ignore the needs of your body so you can stick to your estimation of the number of calories your body needs. You could easily be over or under-eating and left wondering why you aren’t losing weight!

“All calories are created equal.”

If all you need to do is count your calories, then why aren’t you eating 2,000 calories’ worth of donuts and candy bars each day? Because not all calories are created equal. Proteins and carbohydrates have a different calorie count than fats, and each have different effects on the body’s metabolism. Excess fat calories will cause you to gain more weight than excess protein or carb calories. This is because the process of turning dietary fat calories into storable body fat requires little work, but the process of turning protein or carbs into storable body fat actually burns up almost a quarter of the calories.The contrast of two foods with no calorie count also reveal how calories are not created equal. Fiber is not digestible (so it has no calorie count) and takes longer for your body to get rid of which keeps you full and satisfied (so you eat less), but fiber can influence the number of calories that you digest from the food you have eaten. Fiber can actually block some calorie digestion at the same time that it blocks calorie intake, but not every zero calorie food can benefit you like so. Some foods with no calorie count can be detrimental to your health. Diet sodas and other products containing artificial sweeteners may have zero calories but, over time, still cause your body to store fat. Don’t get caught up in the simplicity of adding up calories. The nutritional value of food is key to deciding which foods’ calories (or lack of calories) are worth eating. Feed your body the full spectrum of the nutrition it needs in smaller portions over the course of the day instead.Calorie counting is completely pointless.”

All these misconceptions of counting calories have shown the ugly side of counting calories and should make you wary of relying on calorie count alone, but don’t get caught up in bashing calorie counting so much as to ignore it completely. People who do count calories usually determine how many calories they need based on an estimate they received by checking gender, height, weight and level of activity boxes. The number of calories you receive is just that, an estimate, but it can be helpful in determining whether you are on the right track or way, way off. Most people are unaware of the excessive number of calories they consume, assuming they are eating hundreds fewer calories than they actually are! Basic calorie counting can be a wake up call and a learning tool. Someone who gives in to every whim may need to count calories to keep themself in check until they change their habits. Calorie counting can also help you determine the nature of a diet plan, whether it is a dangerous starvation diet or a seemingly generous diet that will produce minimal results. Listening to your body and becoming an intuitive eater are not easy skills to develop. Let your calorie estimates keep you on track while you learn about portion control and become familiar with your body’s nutritional needs and signals for hunger and satisfaction.

The Benefits From A Pilates DVD

The Benefits From A Pilates DVD
The Benefits From A Pilates DVD

Whilst the techniques have been practiced for over half a century, it is only in the last fifteen years or so that Pilates has become more popular with people of varying ages, physical abilities and mobility. It is a holistic approach to encourage efficient body movement habits to attain good health. And what better way to introduce yourself to the recognised techniques than through a Pilates dvd.

The whole concept of Pilates has been developed as an easy learn system or movement regime where there is a variety of choice in both exercises to follow and equipment to use in order to help reinforce good movement habits. The exercise methods themselves are to be undertaken when both standing and sitting plus also others that include lying down. As they are easy to demonstrate and then follow, a Pilates dvd is an excellent method for someone to discover, learn and benefit from these proven methods which include improving flexibility, strengthening the body’s muscle core and realigning the spine to improve posture resulting in a trimmer and taller appearance.

One of the recognised top advantages of owning a Pilates dvd is that it offers the greatest flexibilty in terms of when you wish to undertake the exercises and also where. The advantage is that you will not have the commitment to a designated time at a specific place as happens with sessions at a Pilates class. There is the benefit that you can proceed at the pace in which you choose and return to view exercises again if you did not fully understand the techniques used or wish to repeat them again. You yourself are in charge of the pace of how you proceed, yet there is still the advantage of learning from your own personal coach who will be clearly demonstrating each exercise and encouraging you in your efforts. This is a great advantage for those who may feel uncomfortable partaking in a class at the gym, and would rather proceed in the comfort of their own home.

By undertaking the sessions demonstrated in the dvd, you will soon become confident to continue these perhaps without the use of the personal coach on the dvd as your body becomes used to the exercises. If beginner methods are being used, after a period of time you will really feel the benefits and thus it is a natural progression to move onto slightly more challenging exercises at intermediate level. By then, you may even feel that you wish to attend a session or two at the local gym but want to be up to speed with the techniques of the intermediate level. And of course, help is always at hand by using a Pilates dvd that will demonstrate such exercises that you can also undertake when in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Also you require to consider the enormous difference in costs between all that a Pilates dvd or two have to offer and a few comparable sessions at the gym attending a class. The actual cost of two dvds will probably be similar to perhaps one, maybe two sessions at a class. How much will you learn and retain after attending them? The advantage of the dvd is that you just push play once again and there is your coach to help and encourage you to achieve the results that you so desire.

Whilst a personal Pilates coach or group sessions are valuable to demonstrate the techniques involved and to provide personal motivation to continue, a Pilates dvd repays itself time and again with the convenience it offers those that want quality instruction to reap the benefits of Pilates yet on their terms as to when and where.