Month: January 2012


My name is Jeff “JB” Boswell I’m 26 years old and here is my story on how I lost 159lbs. It was in 2011, I just turned 25, and looked at myself in the mirror and asked myself ‘who am I’ and “how did I get so big.” At that time I weighed 379 lbs and was very unhappy. I didn’t feel good about myself…. so with the help of the my lord Jesus Christ and my friend, who is also my personal trainer, (Sam Johnson) I decided to make a change. For the first two weeks my trainer...

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The Potato Diet – What you Need to Know

The potato diet is next to diets, like the pineapple diet or the cabbage soup diet, the mono-diets. Numerous variants are now disseminated on the Internet and in many magazines. Often, miracles are promised to be caused by the potato. But this diet can really deliver what they promise? “Potatoes are the German favorite side dish”: it is said, and rightly so. They are not just fat and calories, but contain fiber, vitamins, minerals and other valuable ingredients. They are among the basic food and submit to an acidification of the body before it. Potatoes also contain dietary fiber...

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Tips for Training for A Marathon

Humans are capable of doing some pretty amazing things. One of the biggest accomplishments that a person can do is running a marathon. In order to be able to finish a marathon the person running will need to do some serious training. If you are considering a marathon or are already signed up to run one, here are three things that you can do to enhance your training: Get the proper gear– One of the first things that you need to do as you begin preparing for your marathon is get some high quality gear. You need to get...

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The South Beach Diet Review & Eating Plan

The South Beach Diet is the brainchild of Dr. Arthur Agatston, MD, a cardiologist. In essence it’s a low carb diet, although it’s more moderate in its approach than our previous two diets. There are, however, still a few basic issues constantly under debate. Dr. Agatston reasons that most people who are overweight don’t only eat the wrong foods, but they also eat portions that are out of proportuion to their bodies’ needs. As such, the South Beach Diet teaches you not only to eat the right foods, but also to eat in moderation. South Beach Diet Review &...

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African mango is extracted from Irvingia Gabonese’s tree .This tree is found in Africa and Southeast Asia – just like african mango plus. Several studies conducted in tribal populations in Africa, discovered that people in certain areas had lower incidence of obesity, diabetes and related diseases, due to the constant use of a paste made from the Irvingia seeds. These studies led to the development of a concentrated extract of Irvingia which reduces LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels and increasing HDL cholesterol levels, while also reducing glucose blood levels. Benefits of African Mango Normally the extract from the mango...

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