Who Needs Personalized Medical Id

Who Needs Personalized Medical Id
Who Needs Personalized Medical Id

Suppose you were injured an an automobile accident, suffered a serious head injury and were taken to the hospital. Sure it sounds unlikely but no one plans for this type of catastrophic medical emergency, yet they happen every day all across the globe.

Hey! I’m Trying to tell You Guys Something!

Is there anything that you would like to communicate to the medical staff who are attending to your needs? Bear in mind that your head injury has left you unable to speak. Perhaps you would like them to know that you are allergic to some type of food or drug.

Can I Get a Little Water and a Shot of Plant Fertilizer?

Or maybe even you would like them to know that you have a living will that stipulates that you don’t want to be subjected to any extreme and intrusive life extending measures if your are left with a brain injury that has rendered you basically a living vegetable.

I Would Like to Order the Shrimp Scampi Appetizer Please

Or maybe you would like the medical staff who greet you in the emergency room to know that you are covered by a top notch medical insurance policy that will cover everything. As much as hospital administrators would like the public to believe that they treat all patients equally, we all know that money talks and B.S. walks and hospitals are certainly no different in this regards.

Its All Engraved On My Bling

If you don’t have a personalized medical ID precious hours can be wasted discovering all of these facts when there really is no reason for the delay. This is because you could have been wearing a personalized medical ID bracelet or medallion that would have listed everything that you would have wanted them to know.

Say it With Diamonds

If you think that medical IDs haven’t changed since their early years then you may be in for a big surprise. This is because todays medical IDS now come in all manner of design style and are even available cast in precious metals like gold and platinum. In fact, you can even have your own personalized medical ID made that is set with precious stones if you would like.