pcos weight loss treatments, the best pcos weight loss tips

pcos weight loss treatments, the best pcos weight loss tips
pcos weight loss treatments, the best pcos weight loss tips

pcos weight loss treatments, the best pcos weight loss tips

PCOS is a hormonal disorder common in women of child bearing age and which can result in fertility related issues when not properly managed. The US Department of Health and Human Services Office of Women’s Health says that over 5 million women are affected by this disorder thus making it the single leading cause of infertility among women. Women with PCOS are known to have male hormones higher than normal in addition being resistant to or less sensitive to insulin. Overweight or obesity is also a feature of women with PCOS.

Treating PCOS weight loss
Studies have shown that diets approved by the American Diabetes Association are good for treating PCOS weight loss. This diet offers many food choices you can choose from. So variety is never a problem. In addition, the diet is balanced. The following suggestions should be considered when dieting:

pcos weight loss

Increase the amount of protein intake
A 2011 study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reveals that women with PCOS who have higher protein and less carbohydrate in their meal record more weight loss in comparison to those who consume a standard diet.

Reduce the amount of intake of calories
As much as this seems pretty straight forward, the underlining question is how much calories women with PCOS can consume. The answer to this question differs from woman to woman as it largely depends on the current weight, basal metabolic rate as well as activity level. Another study published in the Journal of American Science that involves obese women suggests between 1200 and 1500 calories in daily diet. While this may be good, it is worth mentioning also that raising your calories consumption is important if you are engaged in a lot of physical activities including exercising. So 1800 calories on a daily basis should be just right for PCOS women who are involved in weight lose treatment regime, especially when they are still very active physically.

Without the necessary support of loved ones, dieting and other lifestyle changes you make may not be enough to see you through. Apart from the support you get from family and friends, you can also count on medical support, especially from your doctor or dietician. A study published in Endocrine Society’s Hormone Science to Health shows that PCOS women struggling with weight gain who visited their doctors regularly within a 6-month period lost more weight as against those who did not. The reason given for the success of the former set of women is due to the useful advice they received from their doctors on dieting, prescription drugs to use when necessary as well as on certain lifestyle to embrace. Other supports that may also be of help to keep you on the path to losing weight is in form of forums and support groups for women with such conditions.

For most overweight women with PCOS, pcos weight loss can be challenging especially through diet and exercise. For such group of individuals there is the medical option of treating weight loss.

Metformin (Glucophage)
This is a one of the drugs that helps in treating weight loss for women with PCOS. It is a drug for diabetes designed to help the body effectively use insulin and reduce the production of testosterone.

This is another of such medications. It works by reducing the amount of dietary fat absorbed by the intestine. This fat alone contains 9 calories per gram and by reducing the amount absorbed by the intestines, the amount of calories that enters the body through the food taken is reduced

Phentermine and Diethylpropion
These weight loss drugs are anorectics, that is what they do is supress your appetite. Because they are appetite suppressant, it becomes easier for you to eat fewer calories. The use of these drugs is approved 12 weeks or less.

Exercise is another treatment regime that can help women with PCOS in treating pcos weight loss. This involves engaging in a variety of exercise to strengthen the muscles, burn calories and increase the heart rate all at the same time. The following may be useful tips for exercise to be effective in pcos weight loss:

Aerobic Exercises at Home

Engage in exercise consistently, at least 3 – 5 days in a week
Consume recommended PCOS diet while exercising
Engage in variety of exercises
Set time for exercise and follow it rigidly
Women with PCOS who still indulge in smoking should see this as the right time to quite
Apart from using prescribed medications, dieting, and exercising surgery is another medical option that could assist women with pcos weight loss. This is usually considered if the woman meets the following criteria:

Have a body mass index of over 35 along with related conditions like diabetes, arthritis and high blood pressure
Have not been successful at losing weight through alternative therapy
The individual is between 18 and 65
Why losing weight is good for women with PCOS, pcos weight loss ?

Losing weight can improve sensitivity to insulin and consequently reduce the risk of diabetes and other complications associated with PCOS. It can restore ovulation, regulate menstrual cycle, reduce pregnancy complications, and improve fertility and a person’s self-esteem. Although dieting, exercising, and medication are not cure for PCOS, they will definitely go a long way to help in pcos weight loss, so you must consult with gynaecologist regularly.