Month: February 2013

The Benefits of Acai Berry

Acai berry is a small purple grape like berry which grows in the Amazon forests of South America. The wide benefits of the fuit are making it popular all over the world. A Natural Heart Tonic This berry is found to contain essential nutrients in a balanced proportion. Its high content of carbohydrates and proteins make it a very energetic drink for physically active people and sports persons. It also contains fiber which makes it good for the heart and also for cleansing the digestive system. Its high content of antioxidant vitamins gives the fruit immense anti ageing properties....

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Drug Screening Test

Drug testing is different from the drug screening test. A drug screening test is a rapid diagnostic test, which gives qualitative results regarding the presence or absence of the drug. These tests can even detect nicotine, alcohol, caffeine and many more commonly used drugs. There is no need to fast or to follow any special dietary restrictions before going for any drug screening test. Immunoassay and chromatography Immunoassays are used world wide for the rapid screening of drugs and recommended as useful tool for screening. Immunoassays works on the principle of antigen-antibody interaction and Chromatography is based on subjective...

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