Stick with Weight Loss During the Holidays – Step-By-Step Plan

Stick with Weight Loss During the Holidays – Step-By-Step Plan
Stick with Weight Loss During the Holidays – Step-By-Step Plan

The holidays are just around the corner and for many this is a dangerous time in regards to weight loss and dieting. Christmas, Thanksgiving and even New Years is the worst time for dieters with lots of pitfalls due to the large amounts of parties and dinners that offer lots of fattening foods.

A line of defense must be created in order to stick with your goals, whether you are just trying to maintain weight or stick with an on going weight loss plan.

It is important to create and stick with a plan of action for the holiday season in order to maintain our weight loss goals. We have to armor ourselves and protect against temptation and cravings and cheating.

Creating a plan of action can go along way to avoid gaining extra pounds, as well as not to ruin whatever weight loss success we have achieved throughout the year. A plan of action has to be written so that it is solidified and ingrained in our minds and keep us on track throughout the holiday season.

Consider your weak points when creating the plan. What are the stressors that can make you fall? What kinds of foods do you need to avoid in order to stick with your weight loss diet? What kind of support will you need? These are just some of the considerations for the holidays and your waistline.

Plan of Action

1. Bring foods that will replace dessert and sweets that you can eat as per your diet plan. This is the best way to still get dessert and avoid all the fattening desserts at the parties.

2. Ask your spouse, children and other family members to support you and remind you of your goals at the party itself.

3. Bring the worst fat picture of yourself and look at it a few times throughout the party.

4. Write down and carry with you a list of all the reasons you started losing weight to begin with.

5. Make a note to yourself describing how you will feel if you undo all your progress from the recent weight loss, or how you will feel if you gain 10 pounds. Make sure to ask yourself and answer honestly if it will be worth it?

Remember that it is very easy to get sidetracked and usually once we lose focus it is not just for one day but turns into a full-blown relapse of old habits. And it would be a shame to lose all the progress that you’ve made throughout the year.

How To Stop Eating Processed Sugars

How To Stop Eating Processed Sugars
How To Stop Eating Processed Sugars

Recently people have been talking a lot about ‘processed sugars’ and how bad they are for you and your health. These foods are responsible for distributing a lot of sodium, carbs, and fats into your diet. Processed sugars are the number one cause of obesity and people being overweight. Learn how you can stay away from these foods and live a happier and healthier life.

The most common types of processed sugars that are found in foods are white processed sugar and high fructose corn syrup. They are both considered to be very bad for you and your body. They have no purpose and they can cause you to be addicted to them and also can lead to depression.

Processed sugars are so bad for you some people consider them to be ‘poison’. They have been totally leached of all of their vitamins and minerals and just serve to be sweet. They actually make your body work harder to digest other foods as well as the processed sugar. Processed foods basically turn to fat carbs because they have nothing else to metabolize to.

Almost all processed foods have sugar in them. They can be in the form of refined white sugar or high fructose corn syrup. Three things you can look for on the label are plain ‘sugar’, ‘high fructose corn syrup’, or ‘corn syrup’.

If you are interested in cutting out the processed sugars in your diet, you should start by looking at the ingredient list. Foods that are safe to eat are any fresh fruits or vegetables, meats, and whole grains. If you want a sweetened drink try making some iced tea with honey or fruit juice. There are many ways to get a sugar fix without having any processed sugars. It is hard because the body is so used to it sometimes it feels as though you are in withdrawal. Stay strong!

A good place to shop for the new foods in your diet are at local farmer’s markets. This benefits your diet and health and brings money into the local economy!

There is no comparison in the benefit that natural foods provide to your body as opposed to processed foods. They are almost 100 percent better for you. Some processed foods have no nutritional value whatsoever.

There are a lot of problems that processed foods can cause, but they are not all bad. It is important to always use moderation when eating these types of foods. Processed foods were first produced to naturally preserve the foods so that vegetables and fruits did not go to waste. But they morphed into something that was produced in a busier time when people had to go to work and they did not have time to cook a full dinner for their families after getting home. With the short cooking times they had to be processed. Just remember that following some of these suggestions you will be well on your way to a healthier diet and a happier lifestyle.

Success–1 Year– 83 Pounds Later & Lighter — — Find Out How —

Success--1 Year-- 83 Pounds Later & Lighter -- -- Find Out How --
Success–1 Year– 83 Pounds Later & Lighter — — Find Out How —

This is more of a success story than anything else. As far as being informative, the information that you will learn from this is that it can be done.

I know I have wondered if any diet really works, because most of the time, they just do not work. Not because the diet it self does not work, but more then likely I did not work the diet. Either it was to difficult to follow or simply because I did not try or give it my 110% commitment, but what ever the case may be I did not lose weight.

But I have seen up close and personal ( and when I say personal I am talking about my mother-in-law ) that it can be done. Last year I guess, I don’t really know exactly the date but my mother-in-law I call her Isabel went on a diet program call Strip That Fat, and I am here to tell you that is exactly what it did for her.

I did not really see her that often, only a three or four times through out the year and she was defiantly losing weight the whole time. But when I went to her house for Thanksgiving dinner I could not believe my eyes. She was about ½ the size she was before.

She told me she had lost 83 pounds now and getting close to her goal weight. She was telling me that when she first started with the exercising routine, which was walking, that it was difficult just to walk out the front door to the end of her driveway, which is only about 2 car lengths. Now she walks to the track, around the track two times, and walks back, and she feels great. Where as before everything she did seemed to be such an effort, like it took all she had just to do the simplest of things. But that was then and now she could probably walk circles around me.

I am very proud of her and what she has accomplished, I just wanted to share her wonder victory.

Strip That Fat really works and I have living proof of it. See the new and smaller Isabel on her new year new body and healthier life.

Probiotics: Organisms That are Useful for You

Probiotics Organisms That are Useful for You
Probiotics Organisms That are Useful for You

Probiotics have started to turn out to be very popular. The information in this article is intended to assist you know what probiotics are & why they are helpful. Have you ever listened anything about good bacteria? In fact that is what probiotics are. Your alimentary canal has over 500 different types of healthy bacteria. The most common of these good bacteria are bifidobacterium bifidum & acidophilus, which are the most plentiful good bacteria for digestive health.

You may find these two components in the most excellent probiotics. These useful bacteria are required to maintain your digestive system in balance. Fewer amounts of probiotics or healthy bacteria cause health diseases like painful or poor digestion & headaches. For any individual fighting with their digestion know how painful these things are.

Acidophilus functions by supporting the creation of lactic acid, hydrogen peroxide & acidphilin which shared challenge the harmful microorganism that causes chief injure inside your body. Eliminating harmful microorganisms improves your immune system, checks poor inhalation, supports right absorption, fights cancer & tumour causing microorganisms & aids with the capability to assimilate milk products. When your digestive system starts to lose it, these good bacteria are essential to getting your strong digestive health back.

Lots of persons suffer from candida which disturbs the digestive system. If so, then probiotic supplements are necessary for getting back your health. The most excellent probiotics stop the yeast from progressing to develop & increase the efficiency of the immune system. One thing to remember is that antibiotics demolish probiotics in your digestive system. The difficulty with antibiotics is that they remove bad bacteria & can cause problems with the useful bacteria as well. Good bacteria are so essential that 70 percent of the power of your immune system lives in your digestive system.

Your body is in regular resist from exterior microorganisms. Pollutant from the food, environment & stress reek disorder in digestive health are responsible for taking a probiotics ingredient of any healthy on every day basis. Probiotics are now turning out to be a staple supplement just as a multi vitamin. Identical to a multi vitamin conveys the minerals & vitamins your biological processes require on an every day basis, probiotics transfer the important healthy bacteria that your gut requires on a every day basis. Consuming a probiotic supplement is now turning out to be a part of lots of person’s every day schedule.