Month: October 2013

Eat More Food and Lose More Weight

Your body is like an old dog. It is difficult to teach new tricks! But not impossible. You see … your body is an amazing machine that likes stability. We like to keep things the same. He does not like the change. If you eat more real food for your body to regulate metabolism and burns more food. Cut your food and you drop downregulated calories “to yourself and protect your energy. For example One of the unique characteristics of the body is its ability to survive when food is scarce. Back thousands of years ago were hunters and...

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Sometimes we know certain foods are bad for us but we don’t know why. Sometimes we aren’t sure what the food is doing to our body. Here’s a short list of foods that you may not have known are actually signaling to your body to slow down metabolism and how. Sugar Eating too much sugar causes your blood sugar to spike. When it spikes and your metabolism cannot keep up, your insulin levels rise accordingly in order to remove the sugar from the blood and send it to cells that might use it for energy. The increase in energy...

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Essential Weight Loss Tips

You may be like millions of Americans who are overweight and tired of dealing with those extra pounds. The flabby arms, extra gut, big thighs, large rear end has got to go! Are you waiting to make it your new years resolution just so you can start for a few weeks only to fail like you do every year? Take control of your life now and start living a healthier life. Of course it’s a lot easier said then done. Hopefully the following diet tips will help you see weight loss in a new light and change old habits...

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Insanity vs P90X What is the best choice

The choice between Insanity vs P90X can be very hard if you are not familiar with either of these programs. To help you in deciding, here is some helpful information about the Insanity and P90X workout program. There are 10 different workouts included in this program that includes ab and plyometric exercises. With the Insanity program, this was developed by Shaun T to push the participants into their maximum level of fitness. The secret behind the Insanity program is the technique known as Max Interval Training. With this technique, there are long intervals between workouts and short breaks in...

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Total Body Exercises To Reduce Weight Dramatically

There are other issues related to weight loss even if you feel like you already know how to reduce weight significantly. Do you know what the REAL issue with losing weight is (i.e. not fat loss supplements)? It’s not until you have had a little bit of success reducing weight that you find out that you’re actually not necessarily succeeding quite the way in which you hoped you’d be. While certain areas of your body might be experiencing quick weight loss, others will stay stubbornly flabby, and this could make your shape appear worse off then you may have...

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