Eat More Food and Lose More Weight

Eat More Food and Lose More Weight
Eat More Food and Lose More Weight

Your body is like an old dog. It is difficult to teach new tricks! But not impossible. You see … your body is an amazing machine that likes stability. We like to keep things the same. He does not like the change. If you eat more real food for your body to regulate metabolism and burns more food. Cut your food and you drop downregulated calories “to yourself and protect your energy. For example One of the unique characteristics of the body is its ability to survive when food is scarce.

Back thousands of years ago were hunters and gatherers. If the food was plentiful and the things that we fill our stomachs. If you continue, we wanted to build fat reserves. In difficult times we use these fat reserves for energy. These stores have kept us alive.

But modern life has changed – a lot! We live in a state where the permanent abundant food. When we are hungry, we go into the kitchen, or visit the store to buy fast food. We live in a time in which more food and excess calories are too simple. Rarely hungry. In fact, when was the last time you felt really hungry? Be honest! So while times have changed, the human body has remained the same.

100,000 years ago, the difficult times was perhaps have winter. Today it is more likely that hard times are a crash diet in January. But the human body reacts exactly the same as was 100,000 years ago and is a crash diet exactly what a famine. Your body does not know the difference. And he did not care.

In a crash diet, your body will start to close in order to obtain the energy reserves, saved searches, and things the same. Remember, do not like change! So, how does this affect you? By drastically reducing your calories by storing on a raw food diet (less than 1200 calories -dire per day) your body into survival mode.

Your metabolism starts to decrease and your hormones begin to change. “So what?” You might think! Well, that’s your metabolism to burn up to 70% of daily calories and your metabolism begins to decline responsibility.

As you work your body in order to protect its fat and begins releasing hormones to promote the hunger for food. It is not surprising that many people buckle under crazy diets. Your body tries to resist her and sent her messages from the brain to fight against changes! So, where you are when you, without this want to lose coping mechanisms in your body weight and do exactly the opposite?

First, you must not cause the massive calorie deficit to go on a fad diet. It is dangerous to health and metabolism. Instead, what you want your metabolism fully functioning fire at full capacity. In other words – to eat! Eat healthy and nutritious food, total. Second, you need a balanced diet. One that makes you to eat the right foods at the right time and in the right quantity.

A plan that will keep your weight loss efforts on track. Together they have a small (but practical and durable) to create calorie deficit every day. Again: eat whole natural foods that are rich in nutrients and low in calories. They accumulate better keep levels stable hormones and promote healthy body composition (think more muscle and less fat). And two, you plan your meals for the next week.

You pretend you do not because you are a man without a plan that is very easy to eat convenience food, it is. Combined … you will not go hungry. You will probably end up eating more. When you eat, you will feel happy and satisfied. Then add a little practice and you will be so good to be what it feels like.



Sometimes we know certain foods are bad for us but we don’t know why. Sometimes we aren’t sure what the food is doing to our body. Here’s a short list of foods that you may not have known are actually signaling to your body to slow down metabolism and how.

Eating too much sugar causes your blood sugar to spike. When it spikes and your metabolism cannot keep up, your insulin levels rise accordingly in order to remove the sugar from the blood and send it to cells that might use it for energy. The increase in energy from the sugar is what we call a sugar high or a sugar rush. The problem is this. Your metabolism burns stored fat to get energy. When you have an overload of energy from sugar, which the metabolism detects by the increased levels of insulin, your metabolism stops burning fat for energy. Instead you body will store away more fat because it already has all the energy it needs for now and wants to save some for later. In this way, too much sugar slows, if not stops or reverses, your body’s natural fat burning processes.

Small amounts of caffeine can increase metabolism in. Here’s the dilemma. When you consume too much caffeine, from too many cups of coffee, energy drinks or even too much chocolate, your body will become dehydrated. When your body is dehydrated, your liver slows down metabolism in order to help the kidneys who will not function properly without enough water. Too much caffeine slows metabolism drastically.

White bread
White bread, like white pastas and rice, is made up refined carbohydrates. That means the complex carbs have been removed and all that remains is simple, quickly digested carbohydrates. It’s bleached, removing almost all its nutritional value, and sweetened. Your metabolism slows because white bread is so easily and quickly digestible. Refined carbohydrates won’t keep you full either so you’ll end up eating unnecessary calories later. Best to switch to whole wheat breads and pastas. The fiber will fill you up and keep you full and your metabolism will work hard to break down the complex carbohydrates, burning calories in the process.

Drinking alcohol is drinking empty calories. It’s just a whole lot of sugar. I’m not going to tell you not to drink any alcohol. Small amounts of alcohol can promote heart health, but, keep in mind what alcohol does to your metabolism. The body doesn’t have to digest the alcohol so it doesn’t do any good for your metabolism. 90% of the alcohol is turned into acetic acid by your liver. Working on doing so distracts your liver from it’s other job, boosting your metabolism. But here’s the suggestion, if you’re going to drink, drink. Just don’t drink in excess if you want to keep up your metabolism. Drinking in excess will cause dehydration and that will substantially decrease your metabolism.

Diet products
“Diet” products are low on calories but high on artificial sweeteners. Here’s what you need to know. You brain does a large part of the processing what you eat. Normally, when you eat something sweet it has a certain number of calories. Your body responds to the intake of calories by speeding up metabolism to compensate. When your brain detects something sweet but your body recognizes no calorie intake, your system becomes confused. Artificial sweeteners in diet sodas such as aspartame and sucralose for instance have this affect on your body. The result is this. At first, the body will respond by speeding up metabolism as the taste buds indicate that sugar is coming, but over time, your body will separate the sweet taste from the calorie intake. When this becomes the case, your body will actually slow down metabolism when you feed it “diet” products to preserve energy for actual calorie intake.

Essential Weight Loss Tips

Essential Weight Loss Tips
Essential Weight Loss Tips

You may be like millions of Americans who are overweight and tired of dealing with those extra pounds. The flabby arms, extra gut, big thighs, large rear end has got to go! Are you waiting to make it your new years resolution just so you can start for a few weeks only to fail like you do every year? Take control of your life now and start living a healthier life.
Of course it’s a lot easier said then done. Hopefully the following diet tips will help you see weight loss in a new light and change old habits or patterns that haven’t worked before. This isn’t about some miracle supplement or drug but just a pattern to live healthier and shed those unwanted pounds.
One of the main reasons people gain weight is because of what they put inside their bodies. I’m sure you know what you are doing wrong but you may not know the details. Start tracking your calorie, sugar and fat intake. One way to do this is by using a free service online or mobile app called My Fitness Pal, they have a huge database of almost every kind of food so you can track your daily intake. They also help you set goals to reduce intake. Once you have established how much you need and how much you can get rid of then make a plan and write it down. Take a daily log of everything you eat so that you don’t cheat. Eating really is the key to losing weight and is much less important than actual exercise because the exercise won’t do much if you aren’t eating healthy. If you can’t quite figure out how to create a diet for yourself there are many books and diets on the market with excellent instructions. Check out dr phil 17 day diet book.
Most people hate this word, exercise. But it can be much easier than you may think. Start by doing the little things like take the stairs instead of the elevator. Light walking is one of the most fundamental important exercises one needs to start the weight loss process. In fact, you will want to avoid heavy, vigorous work outs while you first start on your path to weight loss. You want to keep your heart rate higher than sitting but lower than running or heavy cardio. An hour long walk every day usually puts your heart rate exactly where you want it to be to begin the fat burning mode for your body.
It really isn’t hard to start losing weight. It doesn’t need to be as big of a deal as you probably have built it up to be in your mind. Small and simple steps can help you shed weight but more importantly it’s the decision to start and to remain with that decision until the weight is gone. It will take work but it is worth the reward to become a healthier version of yourself.

Insanity vs P90X What is the best choice

Insanity vs P90X What is the best choice
Insanity vs P90X What is the best choice

The choice between Insanity vs P90X can be very hard if you are not familiar with either of these programs. To help you in deciding, here is some helpful information about the Insanity and P90X workout program.
There are 10 different workouts included in this program that includes ab and plyometric exercises. With the Insanity program, this was developed by Shaun T to push the participants into their maximum level of fitness. The secret behind the Insanity program is the technique known as Max Interval Training. With this technique, there are long intervals between workouts and short breaks in between exercises. This is in contrast to the traditional interval training which involves long breaks in between exercises. The Insanity program does not require any equipment and all you will need is your body to get into shape. Insanity is focused on plyometrics and cardio, and these exercises should be done in 60 days.
The P90X workout program lasts for 90 days and is specifically designed to help develop lean body muscles. The workouts included in P90X covers everything for Yoga X to Chest and Back exercises to X Stretch. The trainer and developer of this program, Tony Horton, guide the participants through these workouts to help them achieve their fitness goal. As opposed to Insanity workout, P90X requires certain equipments in order to be performed properly. You will need some dumbbells or resistance bands and a pull-up bar. The technique being used in this program is Muscle Confusion and the concept restricts your muscles to reach the plateau by means of engaging in various workouts. If you choose the P90X program, you are expected to engage in lots of pull ups, push up and strength exercises to continuously challenge your muscles.
When comparing Insanity and P90X, one of the major differences are the exercise routines involved in each program. Insanity has lots of plyometric and cardio exercises that may cause you to constantly sweat. The P90X workout, on the other hand, involves muscle exhaustion. Another thing that you should consider in both programs is the timeline. If you want to lose weight faster, you might want to opt for Insanity program as the duration lasts for 60 days only.

Total Body Exercises To Reduce Weight Dramatically

Total Body Exercises To Reduce Weight Dramatically
Total Body Exercises To Reduce Weight Dramatically

There are other issues related to weight loss even if you feel like you already know how to reduce weight significantly. Do you know what the REAL issue with losing weight is (i.e. not fat loss supplements)? It’s not until you have had a little bit of success reducing weight that you find out that you’re actually not necessarily succeeding quite the way in which you hoped you’d be.
While certain areas of your body might be experiencing quick weight loss, others will stay stubbornly flabby, and this could make your shape appear worse off then you may have thought it was to start with. This is especially true if your ways to reduce body weight haven’t been as effective in some areas as much as other areas of your body.
You have to understand that the reason such things happen in the first place is because your body is not really programmed to reduce body weight in a naturally uniform manner. Instead, you will lose weight without a direct correlation to what you’re doing in some cases. Of course this does not apply to parts of the body that you may be exercising the most.
Because of this you will find that if you’re performing something like strolling or running then it will be your legs, and perhaps arms that wind up slimming down. This means that in most cases it will not be your stomach area or even internal thighs that lose fat as much. This is usually true no matter what diet to reduce weight you may also be using at the time.
Normally, the solution to this is really simple: Total body exercises.
Some workouts out there are simply better at leading to uniform weight loss compared to others. This is true because they use a wide array of muscle tissue throughout the entire body and thus enable you to mold yourself right into a more desirable form.
Using a wide array of muscle tissue also has the actual dual advantage of firming the muscles within those areas as well, which means that what ever flab does stay is better based on the lean muscle mass that you’re gonna be building up presently there too. At the end of the day this is going to help you more than the particular fat loss may.
Let’s look at the Three Types Of Workouts that will help with a total body workout:
Swimming Exercises
How many times have you enviously looked at the ideal bodies of swimmers? Well, now you know that they get those kinds of bodies because swimming is a total body workout. This exercise really effects a huge number of muscle groups in the body.
In addition to this, it is a type of resistance training as well, so it can serve as a strength training exercise as well.
Just like swimming, rowing is going to function the same since a number of muscle groups are affected. It is also a form of strength training and so it shares the same type of advantages. All in all, this really is a great way to exercise, although it might be hard if you don’t possess the necessary equipment (as well as lake!).
Certainly the most obtainable of the three exercises mentioned. Aerobics by nature is actually geared towards supplying a complete workout as possible, which is something that you may even do from the comfort and ease of your own house!
If you enjoy swimming, great! If you have the required prerequisites for rowing, that’s great as well! But otherwise, aerobic exercise is probably the single-smartest choice that you have when it comes to getting in total body workouts.

Relief for Back Pain

Relief for Back Pain
Relief for Back Pain

Back pain can be very uncomfortable and can get in the way of your daily work and activities. This type of pain should not be ignored, for it will not just simply go away.
When you injure your back, you should have it rested right away to heal. However, resting a hurt back does not literally mean staying in bed. Actually, these will only make your injury worse. For an injured back, it is a must not to put it under unnecessary strain until it is completely healed.
In line with this, below are some tips on getting proper relief from back pain:
l Adjusting activity level.
For a quick relief for your aching back, you need to adjust or reschedule your activities. Avoid any form of lifting during the first few days of your back injury. You may also need to take a few days off work to rest as well as take a break from doing tedious household chores.
l Keep walking.
Walking is good for back injuries. So try to keep walking even if you don’t feel like it. See, walking keeps your body moving, thus, preventing stiffness in the muscles. Also, leisurely walks are easy and gentle on the back.
l Lie on the floor.
For an aching back, lying on the floor to rest your back is recommended. Try bending your knees and hips, then put your feet up on a chair. This way, the pressure on your back is decreased.
l Ice pack or heating pad.
You can make use of an ice pack or a heating pad while you are resting. This can give you added relief from your back pain. If you want best results, alternately use an ice pack or a heating pad.
l Over-the-counter medications.
You can also opt to take non-prescription over-the-counter drugs to ease back pain. Just make sure to follow the medication’s directions for proper dosage intake.

Benefits of Clia Waived Drug Tests

Benefits of Clia Waived Drug Tests
Benefits of Clia Waived Drug Tests

CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment) Act was established in 1988 to set high quality laboratory testing methods to ensure accurate, reliable, timely test results etc. CLIA has categorized laboratory testing based on the test complexity of the performance and as per requirement of the laboratories. Waived drug test is one of the categorized laboratories testing with fulfillment of above requirements of the Act. Simple laboratory examination and procedures that are cleared by FDA for home use is known as waived drug test and mainly used to conduct preliminary or initial drug test.

Benefits of CLIA Waived Drug Test
Organizations provide various waived drug testing kits with 18 months durability from date of manufacturing and to be stored at room temperature. CLIA waived drug test uses simple and accurate methodologies to render appropriate test results without any risk of inconvenience for the patients. Many people are getting benefited with use this drug test like detection of drugs and few benefits are discussed below.

• Detects up to 12 drugs at a time: 12 drugs can be detected with help of 12 panel CLIA waived drug testing kit at a time. Amphetamine, Barbiturates, Benzodiazepines, Cocaine, Ecstasy, Marijuana, Methadone, Methamphetamine, Morphine, Opiates, Oxycodone and Phencyclidine are the drugs that can be detectable using this drug test. SAMHSA cutoff levels are used to detect the above drugs.

• Results are known in minutes: Results of test are known within 5 minutes and results are stable for 8 hrs from the time of performing the test. High quality standards with different methods of performing this test.

Small quantity of specimen: This test can be performed on different specimens as per the kits available like urine, hair, blood etc. specimen collected for conducting these are about 3 ml. No extensive paper is required for sample collection and for conducting the test. There is no chance of specimen tampering or adulterating.

• Simple procedure: Very easy and simple procedure is followed for collection of specimen and performing the drug test. In hospitals, laboratories and at home this test is used very commonly, specified person is required for conducting these tests.

Accurate results: This test ensures accuracy, reliability and timeliness among the testing results. The main objective of CLIA is to provide quality laboratory testing results. These drug testing kits are approved by FDA.

Waived drug tests are affordable and fine effective, can be used at home, laboratories and hospitals. It helps you to test on your own to find any drug levels in your body or in your family members. The above points give you necessary information about CLIA waived drug test, procedure and benefits.