Addiction Treatment Methods

Addiction Treatment Methods
Addiction Treatment Methods

Alcohol addiction treatment is a hard and difficult path but the fruits accrued by taking this cumbersome are more than sweet compensation for the difficulties involved. Getting into the habit of alcohol addiction takes only a little bit of time, but getting out of it is not so. Any person planning to kick the habit needs to understand this fact and prepare oneself to undergo the strenuous procedure.

Until several years ago, many people thought that alcoholism is an evil spirit induced habit and no scientific steps are successful against such supernatural elements. The superstitions hindered many from walking the path of rehabilitation. But we now understand that alcoholism is induced by an errant mind and treating the mind can save the body as well as the mind too.

Addiction treatment was mostly based on medicines till recently. Some addicts were even kept in isolation to make sure that he or she is not able to gain access to alcoholic drinks. Such deliberate detentions and forced abstinence from alcohol bring about severe withdrawal symptoms like depression and a tendency to attack. However, holistic treatment methods which treat alcoholism in small steps are more suited. Here the body learns to adapt to lack of availability of alcoholic beverages, which result in less withdrawal symptoms and more chances of success.

A turbulent mind is the first culprit in making a person an alcoholic. Therefore, it is very important that the drug rehab center has a serene atmosphere. A peaceful atmosphere calms the raging mind of the alcoholic and makes it understand what real life is. Such an atmosphere makes people mentally and physically stronger and capable of taking independent decisions.

The physical and mental problems faced by each alcoholic would be different. Their needs also vary vastly. The food they like, the music they would like to hear and even the layout of the room in which they live differ. It has to be made sure that the alcoholic, at this stage of life in which he or she is most vulnerable, should be treated tenderly with a high level of understanding. Otherwise, the whole purpose for taking all the pains may be badly lost.

Natural and medication free treatment methods have been completely curing the worst alcoholism cases. Being free of chemical based medicines, the alcohol rehab procedure makes sure that there are no after effects. Prayers, group activities and the likes are encouraged where the addict mingles with others and find the merits of social living and sharing worries and joys together. Once cured, the addict is sent home with lots of advices about how to defeat future temptations. Counseling of family members are also done before an inmate is discharged.

The Best Ways To Eat After Working Out

The Best Ways To Eat After Working Out
The Best Ways To Eat After Working Out

Working out is all about taking care of our bodies, trying to stay in shape, lose weight, build muscle and generally be in better shape. The foods you eat after your workout can have a dramatic impact on how you feel, look and act. This article will attempt to show you how you can maximize the hard work you did, feel your best and be in good shape, through your post work out meal.

Eating protein rich foods is generally better for after a workout. Your muscles need protein in order to grow and get stronger. Giving them a boost of this vital nutrient after a workout will increase the benefit of the muscle strengthening that you just did. It is also important for long term energy. While carbohydrates are good for short bursts of energy, protein can help to give you energy that burns slowly over time.

A good example of a high protein meal is to mix whey protein, water and a banana. This combination gives your muscles much of what they need to grow and thrive. The reason that whey protein is so good for you in this context is that it digests easily in your system (which is important post work out) and also tastes great. It can be mixed with a variety of foods and flavors without messing up your flavor.

Foods that are high on the glycemic index will give your body the burst of energy it needs after a workout. Do not go for high sugar or processed foods though. Now more than ever, you need to make sure that you are putting natural, whole grain and unprocessed foods into your body.

It should go somewhat without saying, but make sure that you wait at least thirty minutes after a workout before eating. Your heart, lungs, muscles and stomach are all working hard even after you’ve stopped. They need time to slow down, recoup and calm down before you throw a new task at them. Waiting the thirty minute time period will ensure that you are able to process and digest the food properly without upsetting your system. Make sure that you drink plenty of clear fluids though in that thirty minute time period. While you body may not need food just yet, it does need to rehydrate itself with fluids.

Don’t wait until after your workout to try and find something to eat. If you wait too long, you can be over hungry and desperate so you will make unwise decisions. Plan ahead and have everything you need on hand to make a delicious and nutritious snack or meal after you have waited that thirty minute period.

The foods you put in your body are important at all times. After a hard workout though, your body has specific needs and it is important that you know what those are and are able to meet those needs. This article has shown you some concepts and ideas so that you can feed those growing muscles as best you can.

Weight Loss And Time Management

Weight Loss And Time Management
Weight Loss And Time Management

Have you ever felt like you’re always out of time? Like there is something that you’ve forgotten to do, and just cannot put your finger on it?

People are always in a rush these days. They almost never finish what they start, talk too fast, and have taken to running rather than walking. It’s ironic the way we keep introducing more “time-saving” devices into our lives and yet, keep getting busier.

And the busier we get, the more excuses we come up with for blaming faulty weight loss programs, or avoiding them completely. But most plans are extensive, designed for several weeks at a time, and are effective only if followed upon completely and regularly.

In our search to find just that little bit of extra time for ourselves daily, we end up stressing ourselves even more. The additional stress results in our daily tasks to take even longer to finish, or to be left incomplete. This creates a vicious circle, as it adds even more stress for the next day and so on.

All of that makes it even more difficult, almost impossible, to successfully manage a weight loss plan. The sheer number of choices available alone makes it hard, and the demands on our time these days just add to the chaos. What really compounds the problem though is the fact that stress can lead directly to weight gain.

The relationship isn’t too complex. When people are stressed, they tend to eat more. What’s worse is that they drift towards fattening foods, adding plenty of calories pretty fast. This caloric imbalance results in weight gain over time, and leads to weight related medical complications such as heart problems and diabetes.

So, the next time you feel anxious or stressed out, hard as it may be, do not even look at chocolate ice-cream! Try an apple, or exercise, or even talking to a close friend for a healthier alternative to stress relief.

There are methods that can help you plan and organize your day better while taking away a lot of the stress. There are hidden time-snatchers inherent in everyone’s daily routines that we don’t even realize exist. The trick is to find these little windows, manage them better and buy yourself an additional hour in your day.

Before you go about managing your day and start utilizing it better, you need to find out how you’re spending it right now. Give yourself a week and jot down every single thing that you do and when you do it on a writing pad.

You need to record everything that you do, no matter how obvious or tedious it might seem, even if it takes you only thirty seconds to do a particular task. Write down everything from how long you sleep, to the hours you spend at work, how much time does it take you to check your e-mails and to brush your teeth.

It becomes a lot easier to make intelligent decisions about using your time more effectively after it becomes clear what you were spending it on until now. Once you know exactly how much time you have to spare, and the things that you have to do, saying no to activities that don’t fit into your priorities is pretty straightforward.

The next step is to start maintaining a food journal. Plan your weekly, even monthly, meals in advance, and then go shop for them. It can be incredibly frustrating to start a diet, and then realize you’re missing the appropriate ingredients. Besides, grocery shopping can be hectic, and definitely is time-consuming.

Now that you know how you spend your day and what you’re going to eat, it’s time to sit back and go over your notes. Pore over every minute of your day and reconsider if you really want to be spending it the way you have been doing so far.

Some very obvious mistakes will glare out at you. You’ll notice time that you can prioritize towards a healthier way of living. Is there a route that brings you home faster from work than what you use now? Do you really need to check your e-mail that often in a single day? Maybe you can spend less time watching TV and go out for a walk instead?

THE Top Weight Loss Motivation Tip for Long Term Success

THE Top Weight Loss Motivation Tip for Long Term Success
THE Top Weight Loss Motivation Tip for Long Term Success

If you are like me it is likely that you have tried multiple diets in your lifetime. I personally have tried at least 30 and while I did lose weight I always regained it and then some. Losing weight is a life long struggle for many of us, and we start, stop and restart more free weight loss plans, rapid weight loss diets or long term diets than we can count.

I lost 50 pounds and have kept it off for 2 years and I used the Atkins diet plan. It works well for me as I feel better while doing it and I finally got to kick that pesky sugar habit. Eating healthy carbs and lean proteins is the core of the Atkins diet, but what I have finally realized after all my ears of yo-yo dieting is that my mindset has changed significantly. In the end it is always our mindset that fuels long-term success, and it is what motivated me and facilitated keeping my weight off for 2 years.

For many cutting calories is the way to go, and with calorie shifting diets that focus on activity levels you too can achieve the weight loss you desire.

Many people spend too much time focusing on the weight loss plan instead of looking toward the actual motivation and attitude toward our weight loss and those behaviors that cause defeat. Denial is so very common for dieters and it is always our biggest problem in permanent and long term weight loss success.

I realized that the reason I could never succeed at long term weight loss is because somehow denial always crept back in and I slowly began eating unhealthy foods and in unhealthy ways again, only to look in the mirror a few months later and say what happened?

The same as with weight loss, weight gain creeps back on over time, and so it is not something that is noticed right away. But we start with cheating a few times a week and then slowly we go back to eating they way were before the weight loss plan. This time things are different for me as I realized that I have to be constantly vigilant on a daily basis and never forget where I came from. It is crucial to keep denial at bay, and the only way to do this is to address those issues before they become a problem.

It is of course, only in retrospect that we can see how we failed and how denial played a role in our weight loss failure. So it is important to look back at all those times when we failed at losing weight for the long term and use them to our advantage now.

I wrote down all the details the last time I lost and regained the weight. I wrote down a detailed synopsis of what happened, how I felt, the steps that took me off the diet as well as the steps that brought the weight back. I noted my thought processes and how those nagging denials were allowed to creep back in. Take your time and write down as many details as you can. Keep it close and keep reviewing it, keep the motivation fresh in your mind. It is also helpful to write down your achievements in the current weight loss, note how good you feel, the perks and benefits.

Awareness and acceptance are the best counter agents for denial and being aware of your own self defeating thought process and behaviors are the best way to counter act failure and the best weight loss tip you can get.

I think doing this has really helped me to succeed this time, and allows me to recognize when my patterns are interfering with my current goals. I for one am sick and tired of being on the yo-yo diet train, I feel fantastic about my weight loss and I want to keep it off forever and live a healthier life, don’t you?

Lose Weight With A Natural Diet

Lose Weight With A Natural Diet
Lose Weight With A Natural Diet

With this method, you lose 500 grams minimum per week, with a maximum of 1 kg. You’ll have to eat normally, ie neither too much nor too little, and make three meals a day must.

So what is the best way to lose weight? Pay attention to your diet


The breakfast in the morning does not really matter about making your fat, people who do not eat in the morning believing they will gain weight are completely wrong. For breakfast marks the beginning of your day, or your energy will be larger and longer, it just means that you will surely fully utilize what you ate during your day.

But be careful, you can eat a lot, but not anything you should eat foods with low glycemic index medium.


Nothing really different than breakfast, your plan must still be based on glycemic index foods medium or low.

As is the middle of the day, you can still eat the way you want, but do still eat too much.


Normally, you go to bed in no time, when you sleep your body does not consume much energy, so what’s in your stomach will turn into fat. So, I advise you to eat more foods low glycemic index, no way, especially your meal must be light.

Between meals:

You should not eat between meals, but if you’re hungry, There are a small tip. Chocolate! Yes you heard right, everyone says it’s bad for a diet, they are not wrong, but there are many different. Subtlety is the percentage of cocoa: Chocolate with more than 80% cocoa is not fattening.

So if you often hungry between meals, eat chocolate and all you want 99% cocoa, you will not take a single gram. The taste is bitter, but you can easily get used.

How long should this method?

It should last as long as you do not find a normal weight, then you can upgrade your diet to foods glycemic index over 50, but be careful, check your weight, if you go back, stop immediately . It’s pretty long, but it always pays.

Method 2 to lose weight naturally and fast? Practice some physical activity

Method 2 is exactly the same as Method 1, the power where it differs is that with this method we will add an energy expenditure. weight loss of 1 kg to 2 kg per week.

It is normal if you spend your day on a chair or sofa, you will not lose weight.The muscles consume your fat, and what you eat, if you make them work, this expenditure will be increased, resulting you will lose weight, especially fat.

Daily physical activity to lose weight naturally

* You live in a building and you use a lift stop immediately and take the stairs whenever possible, not only that, you increase your chances for your plan.

* Walk a lot, instead of taking his car to 1km, you can walk for example, the gain to your diet will also be important.

* Instead of’re lying in your couch to watch TV, stay seated, it sounds silly, but do not lay any muscle work, sitting muscles used to keep you going to work, the result still good for your diet.

Sport to lose weight with a natural diet

Once you put all your chances to your sides while playing sport, regardless of the sport, as long as your heart beats faster and you sweat, it still helps bon.La weight to lose énormément.Sachez that women not gain muscle without doping, so if you’re a woman nothing prevents you to lift a bar of iron.

Exercise to lose weight naturally

You do not have time for all this? I suggest a trick to make at home anytime, but régulièrement.Vous’re standing, looking straight ahead with both feet on the ground slightly apart, and now crouch down as much as possible with your feet fully on the ground , and looks right, then go back, made it as many times as possible thereafter, once you get tired, wait 5 minutes and start again, do that between 2 and 5 times fois.Vous going to have sore thighs, and c ‘ is good, the thighs are the muscles that consume the most energy, so fat, and especially this exercise works most of your muscles, which is perfect for your diet.

Extreme Home Fitness and Sports

Extreme Home Fitness and Sports
Extreme Home Fitness and Sports

Are you involved in any sporting activity and wish to use Extreme Home Fitness as an exercise regime to be better in the playground? Well, you are not the first to do so, many athletes, including professional players, today use extreme home fitness to enhance their strength, stamina, build muscles, lose weight and become more agile and flexible.
An injury is an unavoidable risk in any sporting activity; you should know that extreme home fitness would be a perfect way for you to get an edge to insulate yourself from too much damage when there is an injury. Integrating extreme home fitness in your regular workouts is actually easier than you think, these exercises can be termed as universal in different ways.
When developing an extreme home fitness program, you need to customize your exercise depending on your objectives and your current physical status. If you are a complete beginner you obviously cannot just doing extremely strenuous workout, or those that are too extreme, you have to get your body used to the simple workouts first and slowly as it adapts to the new order you can increase the frequency, intensity and variations of the extreme home fitness exercises you do. If you are an established athlete, you can pick your exercises depending on what your objectives are including strength, stamina, muscle development, agility or flexibility.
It does not matter what sport you are playing, extreme home fitness exercises will help make you a better athlete and give you that edge that may make the difference between a loss and a win. Note that some athletes choose to make extreme home fitness workouts a part of their daily workout routine while others just take it as a separate workout regime on the side. How would you like to do your extreme home fitness workouts?

Pros and Cons of Weight Loss Surgery

Pros and Cons of Weight Loss Surgery
Pros and Cons of Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery, also known as bariatric surgery, is often suggested as a weight loss method for people who are severely obese and are unable to reach a healthy weight through diet and exercise alone. While it does have substantial benefits for some users, weight loss surgery is not an option for everyone. Discussing the pros and cons with your doctor is an important step in determining if this is a procedure you should undertake.

Pros of Weight Loss Surgery
Weight loss surgery is extremely popular because it is often very effective at helping people lose significant weight. On average, people who undergo gastric bypass surgery lose about 61% of excess weight, while those who undergo gastric banding surgery lose an average of 47% excess weight. With the weight loss comes health improvements in substantial areas such as improved diabetes, lowered blood pressure, and fewer issues of sleep apnea.

Additionally, many of those who undergo weight loss surgery and achieve significant weight loss will undoubtedly have a better quality of life. With less weight and improved overall health comes the ability to enjoy many things which may have been impossible in the past. These benefits are very enticing and factor heavily in the decision to proceed with the procedure.

Cons of Weight Loss Surgery
While weight loss surgery can improve health, it is important to remember that it is a major surgery and therefore does carry risks. Most of the people who encounter post-operative complications experience minor pain, discomfort, or nausea, but the risk of serious complication is much more troubling.

About 3% of people suffer serious side effects including heart attack, blood clots, bleeding ulcers, and even death. Currently an average of 1 in 400 people die from weight loss surgery complications. Another disadvantage that some people might initially overlook is an abundance of excess skin. An obese person who loses an extensive amount of weight in a short time period will have excess skin that may not bounce back to its former shape. Surgical skin removal is often the only way to get rid of this skin.Finally, it is important to realize that weight loss surgery on its own is not a long-term solution. Those who donâ??t change their diet or exercise regularly find themselves looking in the mirror a few years after their operation weighing as much as they did pre-surgery.

Drastic lifestyle changes are crucial for ensuring that the weight loss surgery is worth it and works. This is a broad overview of the advantages and disadvantages of weight loss surgery, but it is clear that there are important considerations to keep in mind. Weight loss surgery is becoming an increasingly popular method of shedding the pounds, but it definitely isnâ??t for everyone. Knowing the pros and cons and discussing them with your doctor can help you decide if weight loss surgery is right for you.

How to Lose 20 Pounds

How to Lose 20 Pounds
How to Lose 20 Pounds

I really think the most popular diet in the civilized world is the yoyo diet. This is where your weight goes up, down, up, down.

Yes, I’m sure you know how to lose 20 pounds, but can you keep them off?

Losing 20 lbs is easy, but maintaining your ideal weight can be next to impossible for most people.

So, how do you lose 20 pounds and keep them off?

Fad Diets Don’t Work
There are possibly hundreds or even thousands of diets out there, but only a few really work. Some diets allow you to eat only one type of food. Other diets tell you to cut out carbohydrates, red meat or fats while letting you eat almost anything else.

These fad diets work for a while but before long the pounds you lost will be back with a vengeance. Oftentimes you gain more than you lost.
These diets don’t work in the long term because they’re fads. And we know that fads never last.

Change your Lifestyle
If you want long-term results, you must change your lifestyle. You can start with a lifestyle change to lose 20 lbs in 3 months. That’s a sensible weight loss plan that is easy for anyone to do.

Your goal each month is to lose 6 to 7 pounds. That’s 1 to 2 lbs per week. Women should consume at least 1,200 calories daily. Men need 1,500 to 1,800 calories a day. Your diet should provide enough calories and nutrients to function well and lose weight without sacrificing your overall health. You also need cardio and strength training exercises.

Changing your lifestyle is a serious commitment but it is something you must do if you want to maintain a healthy and slim body. The following lifestyle changes will boost your metabolism while providing your body the energy it needs:

Eat frequently. This may seem counterintuitive but it really works. Having a small meal every four hours will increase your metabolism. Eat 4 to 6 meals a day, with a ratio of 60% carbohydrates, 30% proteins and 10% fats. And yes, your body needs fats for certain metabolic functions.

Exercise regularly. For best results, you need both aerobic and resistance exercises. Cardio exercise burns fat while resistance training builds muscle mass and increases your basal metabolism. You’ll find it easier to lose 20 pounds.

Drink plenty of water. Your body must be properly hydrated to function well. Drink at least 10 glasses of water a day. It’s good for your health and will give your skin a healthy glow.

Get enough rest. You need rest and sleep for your body to refresh and rebuild itself.

Take supplements. You may have to take supplements to give your body the right nutrients that it needs. In addition to multivitamins, it may be a good idea to take detox formulas as well. Don’t forget that natural supplements are best.

Lifestyle changes are necessary if you want to lose 20 pounds and maintain your ideal weight. It’s the healthy and smart way to shed unwanted pounds and keep them off. Diets may help you lose weight but it takes a lifestyle change to have a healthier body.

The Role of Ayurveda Vata in Medicine

The Role of Ayurveda Vata in Medicine
The Role of Ayurveda Vata in Medicine

Ayurveda Vata is considered the most important and significant among all three doshas in Indian Ayurveda medicine practice. It is said the Ayurveda Kapha and Ayurveda Pitta could render useless and helpless without Vata. All three doshas are considered essential and necessary for health, life, and body functions. Old Indian medicine practitioners assert that the Kapha and the Pitta would be lame without the dosha of Vata. Thus, it is important to know more and understand the nature and coverage of this one. To understand Ayurveda knowledge would be to understand the mystical Indian approach to medicine and healing.

The body is made up of different channels. These function like routes of doshas, somehow like energy flow. These channels include the blood vessels, lymphatics, nerves, and others. When the doshas are vitiated, the activities of the channels are manifested and the ideal body function is performed. This is the main knowledge of Ayurveda practitioners. They skilfully and expertly know the body channels and organs as well as the corresponding doshas that govern such. Such medicine practitioners should be discerning enough to skilfully and accurately tell right versus inadequate performance of channels and the corresponding doshas.

Ayurveda dosha is particularly found in areas like the urinary bladder, pelvic region, bones, ear, intestine, and thighs. As such, the main activities and functions of Ayurveda Vata are defined. This dosha is deemed responsible for breathing, energy generation, and ability to move or exert movements. These organs and channels are very important in keeping overall health and fitness of the body at ideal state. The Ayurveda practitioners know how to properly use and evoke Vata to prompt and bring about proper body maintenance, voluntary and involuntary movements, and energy generation. This dosha is responsible for maintaining energy and movement.

People who have Ayurveda Vata dominant personality are observed to have specific characteristics. First, they are expressive in muscles and bones. Usually thin and lanky, people under Vata personality are known to have prominent bones and are lean. They tend to easily lose and gain weight. In general, they love cool temperature and they are commonly having dry skin. Their muscles are visible but are not as bulky as the Kaphas. They could move swifter and more gracefully than others. They have strength but moreover, they got more than just it, making them more effective and more reliable.

Vata people are reflections of their own experiences and others’ treatment of them. In this way, they are considered as hall of mirrors. They are not usually following routines. Their mental power could be overpowered easily by emotions. Their ability to think and infer is rapid, but they could be at the same time emotionally anxious. Their life could be considered ‘lives of parties.’

As mentioned, dryness could be associated and identified with the Vata people. This feature could be attributed the functions and combinations of biochemicals in the body. Ayurveda Vata is also identified with other distinct features. It could refer to coldness or coolness, dryness, and mobility. Some Ayurvedic practitioners instantly link Vata with roughness, clearness and non-sliminess. The dosha is also practically referring to lightness, which could bring about and facilitate freer and faster movement of the body. Vata is important in making sure the body’s condition would be ideal for working and for travelling.

Weight loss supplements should be taken in moderation

Weight loss supplements should be taken in moderation
Weight loss supplements should be taken in moderation

The main purpose of using weight loss supplements is to help reduce stomach volume, decrease appetite and block fat absorption. When using supplements to reduce weight, be selective and avoid using just any supplement without knowing its effects. Try to maintain a body weight that is in proportion to your height and avoid shedding too much weight when using supplements. Most weight loss pills are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which means that there’s not much evidence to prove that weight loss supplements are entirely beneficial. For the best results, weight loss pills should be used with the recommendation of a professional medical expert.

Apart from weight loss pills, one supplement that is known to promote good health is flaxseed oil. Flaxseed oil is known to have many benefits and can be found in either liquid form or capsules. Consumption of flaxseed oil is known to promote various health benefits.

Research conducted by Mayo Clinic indicates that flaxseed oil may offer many benefits like preventing and treating heart diseases, improving and influencing cholesterol levels, decreasing menopausal symptoms besides treating ADHD.

Flaxseed oil is also healthy as it contains Omega 3 fatty alpha-linolenic acids that are known to be good for health. If you’re diet does not contain a sufficient amount of Omega 3 fatty acids, taking flaxseed oil capsules is one of the most convenient ways to ensure your body receives sufficient Omega 3 fatty acids. Flaxseed oil capsules are also highly beneficial for vegetarians who don’t eat fish. The capsules will provide vegetarians essential Omega 3 fatty acids even if fish is not included in their diets.

Although flaxseed oil is known to promote good health, it is important to control your intake of it. An overdose of flaxseed oil could lead to bleeding while signs include vomiting blood, tarry stools and easy bruising. The most common side effects of flaxseed oil include loose stools and diarrhea. This happens when too much flaxseed oil is consumed. When consumed in a liquid form, it is recommended not to exceed a dose of one or two teaspoons.

Flaxseed oil is not known to taste good in its plain form which is why capsules will help in keeping away the bad taste. This oil is also useful in naturalherbal colon cleanse process.