Travel Nursing – a Rewarding Career Option

Travel Nursing - a Rewarding Career Option
Travel Nursing – a Rewarding Career Option

Due to the shortage of nursing staff, the demand for travel nurses is thriving. The travel nurses are relocated for short-term nursing assignments. Apart from hospitals, the demand for travel nurses is also increasing in the travel and tourism industry. In USA alone, there are more than 350 travel nursing agencies 20,000 travel nurses. The flexibility to plan the work schedule, attractive package with incentives and the opportunity to visit different locations are attracting more and more professionals into this field.

The pay package of travel nurses varies. It depends upon a number of factors like, the need of the employer, location, the number of professionals required and the negotiation capacity of the concerned professional. Travel nurses are paid higher in the states where the cost of accommodation is higher compared to the states where accommodation charges are cheap. In general, travel nurses are better paid compared to the regular nurses. Apart from a good package, they are also entitled for tax benefits. Expenditure on meals, lodging charges and incidentals can be reimbursed as tax tax free income. To avail the benefit, the professional has to maintain a permanent tax home while delivering the services away from home.

The minimum qualification required for a travel nurse job is a high school diploma or its equivalent. But the qualification may vary according to the needs of the employers. While some employers demand a graduate degree from an accredited health care institution, some even require post graduates of nursing. Most of the better paymasters look for a prior experience of an year while hiring a travel nurse. Apart from it, the professional has to procure a valid professional practice license/certification along with the proof of the right to work in the particular state. Apart from the educational qualification and prior experience, Keen observational ability, decision-making capability and good communication skills help the aspirants to prosper in travel nursing career.

Weight Loss – The Effects of Age and Motivation Tips

Weight Loss – The Effects of Age and Motivation Tips
Weight Loss – The Effects of Age and Motivation Tips

How often have we tried to lose weight only find ourselves breaking the diet, or cheating soon after we start? For many of us weight loss has been a life long struggle and we jump around from one free weight loss plan to another without ever achieving our goals. We envy those people who never had a weight problem, and those change their eating habits and maintain a healthy lifestyle for long term success.
I know I have been on that merry-go-round for more times than I can remember, losing it and then gaining it back over and over again. It really sucks, and sometimes it actually feels like it would have been better to just hot have tried at all.
But, in reality as we get older, the extra weight seems to have more effect on our overall well being, at least it does for me. Knee pains and not being able to walk around comfortably are some of the issues that may occur with age, so while we still want to look good and wear cool clothes, the feeling good issue may become more pressing.
So, the motivating factors may change with age. And if you are still in your twenties and thirties then the future maybe something to consider, not only for the fact that of feeling better as you age, but also for the simple fact that it is harder to lose weight as you get older.
For many weight loss becomes slower and harder as we get older because metabolism naturally slows with age. Also, many experts agree that yo-yo dieting effects the rate with which we lose weight because the body becomes resistant to dieting.
Overall, the best strategy is to try to permanently change eating habits, instead of going from one radical diet to another. Cutting down on white starches and sugars is always a good thing and many dieticians recommend eating a few small meals a day that include, vegetable carbs and lean proteins. Eating a few small meals a day, instead of 3 big meals helps to accelerate the metabolism and increase the bodies natural fat burning rate.

Free Weight Loss Plans

Free Weight Loss Plans
Free Weight Loss Plans

There are tons of free weight loss plans and programs. Often times the commercials and the hype all tell you that somehow a paid diet plan is better than a free diet plan. In reality this is not so. With all the free weight loss plans out there, finding one that is right for you is actually quite easy.
The most important part of choosing the best free weight loss plans is finding one that you can stick with. Dieting is not easy, and as many free diet programs that exist, such as, the Atkins Diet, the Banana Diet, 3 Day Diet, Acid Diet, Scarsdale Diet, Cabbage Soup diet, Grapefruit Diet, Fruit Flush Diet and others, they are all very different. One of the keys to success in weight loss is choosing a diet that you can stick with and this includes free weight loss plans.
If you think back to all the free weight loss plans you have tried in your lifetime, I guarantee you that the ones with which you lost weight were the ones that were not a struggle and left your appetite satisfied, even though you still lost weight. While discipline will always be a main key, in reality, if you are completely miserable with the diet and the foods you have to eat then it probably will not work, and even if there is some weight loss, eventually you will get off the diet and not make any significant long lasting eating changes or long term weight loss success. This leads to a bad merry go round and leaves you feeling even worse about yourself than when you started.
Also, the word diet has got such a negative image. It is often synonymous in our minds with, starving, limits, unsatisfied cravings and overall misery. It is especially true that psychologically, the mind rebels when it hears the word no. Ever notice how when you are on a diet, suddenly foods you never cared about before you suddenly want, just because it is not allowed. We all want what we can’t have, in human nature and this really applies to weight loss and diets.
Weight Loss Success
The key to successful weight loss is to find one that fits with your personality and fits as close as possible with your regular food likes and this way, you can make sure that you stick with the diet and lose weight. Learn more at 8 Free Weight Loss Plans.
For example, The Atkins Diet, a great free weight loss plan, but not for everyone. With Atkins you have to completely give up sugar and white starches and many other carbohydrates. For some this is a perfect diet that is easy to stick with, but for others who love pasta and bread and giving those up maybe a great struggle. Some people have a nagging sweet tooth and with Atkins, while quitting sugar is a great thing for weight loss and your health all around, for those people the Atkins diet may be too much and will cause them to give up and feel discouraged that they may just give up on weight loss all together.
Another great example is any calorie controlled diet. Calorie control means that they are limited in what they eat, for many this is just psychologically impossible and they will feel self defeated as well. So, the same people may be willing to give up the sugar and carbohydrates and succeed with Atkins because in return the will be able to eat as much as they want of the allowed foods.
In conclusion you know yourself best. For most people, and especially women, we have a long list of experiences with weight loss and dieting and we know what works for us, or maybe what did not work for us in the past. So choose your weight loss plan carefully and find one that you can live with for the best success rate.

Teen Weight Loss Tips

Teen Weight Loss Tips
Teen Weight Loss Tips

Weight problems have grown into a great epidemic not just with regard to adults, but also for kids as well as teenagers also. This is among the primary reasons many are searching for teen weight loss tips as well as programs. Thirty-one states documented a rise in obesity in recent years and additionally absolutely no state announced a decline. Also, the teen population is one of the highest in numbers of obese individuals.
Having these types of worrying numbers, it’s easy to understand the reason why many are searching for efficient as well as great weight loss tips and also plans with regard to teenagers. Regrettably, numerous teens tend to be misled along the incorrect highway and address weight loss within a risky as well as unhealthy method. Family must always be the primary system of guidance in regard to teens and weight loss in a healthy manner.
In today’s times, increasingly more teens have become engaged plus some tend to be obsessed with shedding pounds quickly. Worried doctors are usually providing words of extreme caution to help both teenagers as well as pre-teens in regards to the risks associated with using extreme measures such as purging, fad diets and starvation, which can lead to anorexia. It is very important guide teens using healthy and balanced weight loss tips, which will not lead to damage and also facilitate a lifetime of healthy body weight and appearance.
Medical professionals as well as professional nutritionists specialized in leading teens give fundamental information regarding useful methods to remain in good condition and also urge kids to understand that rapid loss of weight plans which may be proper with regard to adults may be harmful, possibly deadly for teens and kids. Consequently, teens should exercise particular safeguards whenever starting any kind of weight loss program and also only implement it under guidance from a competent health and fitness specialist, if possible following a doctor consultation. Obviously, teenagers searching for weight loss tips should also realize that only they could alter how much they weigh successfully, even the greatest health and fitness specialists are only able to encourage as well as present the way.
It is therefore crucial for teenagers to comprehend that teen weight loss tips are only able to work once they make the proper choices with regard to achieving their weight loss objectives and on a regular basis. The proper way for youths to go about a weigh loss program is to shed any feelings of personal blame, shame or guilt associated with them being overweight. And, it is crucial for family members to not shame teens because they are overweight. Negative emotions are self-defeating and will not propel anyone to success.
Is The Teen Really Overweight?
One thing that is sure in our society, looks are everything, and while the anorexic models depicted in fashion magazines, seem to dominate the expectation of how all girls and women should look, this is a false and self destructive model. Real women have curves, and you do not need to be a waif, in order to be healthy and beautiful. There are many facets that determine whether one is at a healthy weight, looks only being a small fraction of those. In reality, the very thin models should never be the goal or the standard of health and beauty. Actual pounds, body fat percentage, height, and bone structure do play a role in determining if one is over weight and to be a guide to ideal weight based on individuality. To really determine if weight loss is necessary for your teen, find out the Body Mass Index, also known as BMI. BMI is a number with the final results of a computation, which is used as a screening process tool for possible weight issues. There are 4 different types, underweight, normal weight, overweight or obese. Use this free tool to determine if your overweight – BMI chart.
The actual computation with regard to BMI is the exact same with regard to adults as well as youngsters; though the final results are usually translated in a different way for children, utilizing their age, sex as well as percentile to help you determine whether there are weight issues or if you maybe at risk for potential weight difficulties.
Choosing the Best Weight Loss Plan for Teens
There are lots of sources currently available that will help you to find the proper weight loss plan for your teen. Before you begin any weight loss plan, be sure you comprehend the correct teen calorie intake as well as nutrient requirements for a particular age. Teens are still developing and the growing procedure demands the correct nutrition.
Any kind of weight reduction ought to be accomplished in a healthful method simply by searching for ways to improve the diet plan, starting to be much more active as well as comprehending steps to make the best selections to ensure a long lasting weight reduction. Here are a few straightforward tips for teen weight loss. There are also weight loss surgery options, learn more about the viability of these for teens at: Teen Weight Loss Surgery.
Teen Weight Loss Tips
1. The Family and Support Factor
Overweight teens frequently feel omitted from numerous peer pursuits due to how much they weigh. Their family members ought to be both the driving force behind them in losing weight plus a place of comfort as well as safety. Mom and dad ought to both motivate their particular youngster to pursue their weight reduction endeavors as well as tell them they’re treasured regardless of their own looks. They could provide support, or simply just listen and be a friend when it comes to their child’s burdens, feelings and challenges in being over weight.
2. Food Choices for The Entire Household
One particular crucial teen weight loss tip is that in order for there to be success, the whole family needs to participate in healthier eating. You cannot expect your teen to lose weight and still with a weight loss plan, while you are eating Twinkies, donuts and have all types of unhealthy food in the house.
Staying away from junk food and over-processed treat foods is often a beginning. Frequently, it is merely a situation of consuming from all 5 daily food groups, but not overindulging. Family members may help a teenager organize meals system to lose weight, one, which includes wholesome eating methods as well as decreased calories. Consider eating in your own home more regularly, where by a teenager and the whole family has more command with what is being eaten.
Even though numerous fast food dining places at the moment are providing more healthy options, a lot of the menu choices continue to be excessive in fats as well as calories. Attempt to reduce the amount of occasions you eat out and as an alternative choose wholesome meals in your house. Going out to restaurants isn’t always possible to avoid, therefore whenever you do eat at restaurants, look over the menus and choose healthier items, like salads, and grilled chicken.
3. Check the Calorie Content in your Drinks
Typical flavored soda pops as well as fruit drinks tend to be higher in calories and loaded with sugar. Research has proven that through the elimination of regular soda pops as well as restricting fruit beverages, an individual can get rid of as much as Twenty pounds in a single year just by this action. Change to diet soda pop and also restrict juice intake. Drink plenty of fresh water, its good for you and has not calories, fat or carbs.
4. Limit TV, Video Games and Internet Usage
Inactivity leads to and facilitates obesity, like nothing else. Activities like, TV, video games and sitting in front of the Internet are the greatest catalysts to slowing down metabolism and leading to teens being overweight. It is a crucial teen weight loss tip that they move, be active and participate in some form of exercise on a weekly basis. Find other, more active things to do for you and your teen, sports, or walking or running or even dancing. Cutting out the TV, video games, Internet and other stable activities completely is not required, but limiting these is certainly advisable.
5. Exercise and Activity
Physical exercise is among the most significant weight reduction catalysts for teenagers, as well as everyone else. Insufficient physical exercise is the reason the majority of teenagers end up over weight to begin with. Beginning to get some exercise regularly is simpler than it seems, so, it is very important to offer alternatives for workout routines which are enjoyable, as well as intriguing for your teenager, like, sporting games, or simply walking with an mp3 player. Later on, possibly some sort of health club membership may be possible.
Physical exercise is another area where the whole family can start to play an important role, since many times, a teen might not really feel at ease working out with their own friends. However the key factor is actually consistency, get the teenager active and also make certain they stay active.
Becoming much more active can significantly help teen’s weight loss and is really one of the most essential teen weight loss tips. Grown ups and also teenagers ought to have around Sixty minutes of exercise each day. That doesn’t have to be carried out in only one session, in fact 15 minutes; 3-4 times a week is great. Walking, running, aerobics, sports, dancing to favorite music, strength training are all great options.
6. Never Crash Diet
Crash diets are not healthy and they never provide long-term permanent results. Even though these types of diet programs might present some fast results, ultimately the body can decelerate the metabolic rate in order to save energy. And, they are usually too drastic to stick with on a permanent basis. The outcome usually results in gaining the pounds back again and often even more pounds than a person originally got rid of.
7. Avoid Starvation
Not eating actually slows down metabolism and hinders weight loss. In order to lose weight properly, and one of the most essential teen weight loss tips is to eat and eat healthy. Eat smaller meals per day, instead of three big ones, and make sure to choose healthy foods, like lean proteins and vegetables.
8. Consume Breakfast
Having breakfast assists in fueling the body and boosting the metabolism. Many people who skip breakfast wind up eating more throughout the day.

Eatsmart Precision Plus Digital Bathroom Scale Ultra Wide Platform Review

Eatsmart Precision Plus Digital Bathroom Scale Ultra Wide Platform Review
Eatsmart Precision Plus Digital Bathroom Scale Ultra Wide Platform Review

A bathroom scale may be the simplest tool you will ever need to complete your weight watching ensemble. However, finding the perfect bathroom scale is not an easy task. A perfect bathroom scale should be able to measure your weight accurately, and not give you different results after a minute or so. It must be quick as well. You don’t want to have a bathroom scale that needs some time to wake up in order to give you qualified results. With Eatsmart Precision Plus Digital Bathroom Scale, you will have a scale that gives you precise results; not to mention that you will have a sleek, modern-looking tool right on your bathroom floor.

Eatsmart Precision Plus Digital Bathroom Scale Ultra Wide Platform Review
The Eatsmart Digital Bathroom Scale is a great way of tracking your weight loss. By using its user-friendly “Step-On” interface, you will be able to read results quickly. The scale provides the most accurate results every time, thanks to its precision sensors advantageously located on its non-slip weighing platform.


Four Precision Sensors Ensure Accuracy. This feature provides an accurate measurement for up to 200 kilograms. This ensures 99% more accurate results than standard bathroom scale.

Step On Technology. This system allows the scale to read out your weight in a matter of seconds. Plus, it provides the most accurate reading by having your weight to the nearest 0.2 pound. With this feature, there’s no need to wait a full minute for the weighing scale to settle and calibrate. Simply step on the scale and the display will reflect your weight almost instantly.

Dual Measurement Modes. Allows you to choose how you will read your weight measurements: in pounds or in kilograms

Automatic Power Off. Display turns off automatically after use, thus saving battery life.

Sleek Design. Designed to blend with any home interior, the Eatsmart Digital Bathroom Scale is made with elegant and lightweight aluminum with gray, plastic cover to ensure user’s safety. This weighing scale will not tarnish the look of any bathroom, but enhance and adds to the modernity of the surroundings instead. To complete its stylish design, a blue backlight is added to illuminate the LCD display.

CBT Northampton Helps You to Get Rid of your Thinking Errors

CBT Northampton Helps You to Get Rid of your Thinking Errors
CBT Northampton Helps You to Get Rid of your Thinking Errors

The essential precept of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, or CBT, is that what you think influences the way you feel. That is to say, on the off chance that you think depressive considerations then you will feel discouraged. On the other hand, in the event that you figure out how to stop yourself thinking these musings, then your sorrow will lift. Discouraged individuals regularly think specifically ways that are altogether different from non-discouraged individuals. These methods for speculation are called – in CBT dialect – thinking slips. Thinking lapses help to bring about and afterward look after gloom. Various distinctive speculation blunders have been distinguished by CBT specialists throughout the years and specific sorts of slips appear to incline to specific mental issues.

Dark or-White intuition underlines extremes and overlooks the way that most things in life are shades of dim instead of absolutes. Case in point, a man thinking along these lines may play one poor round of tennis and after that conclude that he’s absolutely futile and surrender until the end of time. On the other hand she may miss one yoga class and let herself know that as she’s fallen behind, there’s no reason for about-facing. Dark or-White intuition sets extremely inflexible principles for a man to live by – decide that, if broken can prompt the surrender of pleasant and advantageous exercises, and incline the individual to dejection. CBT Northampton counselling will help you.

Mental Filtering is the term connected to the reasoning examples of individuals who “see” the world in a depressive manner. Individuals with this reasoning blunder are one-sided in what they pay heed to, and what they later recall. They will tend to notice to questions, individuals, or occasions that “fit-in” or affirm their beforehand held convictions. Case in point, a discouraged individual who feels that the world is an upsetting spot to live is more prone to recall the miserable news stories when contrasted with a non-discouraged individual. A discouraged individual who believes that they’re unlikeable will take additional notification of conceivable sleights from others. CBT Milton Keynes theory sets that such mental separating strengthens individuals ‘gloominess.

A firmly related thinking blunder is termed Disqualifying the Positive. And also concentrating on the pessimistic elements of the world and them, discouraged individuals will regularly effectively disregard or exclude proof despite what might be expected. ‘Customizing’ is the term given to a sort of feeling that places the individual at the focal point of occasions. Such a perspective of the universe puts an enormous weight on the individual’s shoulders – they can feel in charge of all the terrible things that happen. You may be “Customizing” when you feel remorseful about not having the capacity to help an unemployed companion keep his home, or when perusing about environmental change because of our Western method for living. There are elements outside your ability to control and for which you ought not to assume liability and that is exactly what CBT Northampton advises you.

Fitness is not Being Big, It’s Being Healthy

Fitness is not Being Big, It’s Being Healthy
Fitness is not Being Big, It’s Being Healthy

In the gym the instructors don’t teach you to be healthy. They teach you to be big. They’ll teach you how to get big muscles, and they’ll teach you how to lift heavier and heavier weights. You’ll be asked to eat huge meals, special foods, and take supplements that’ll make you bigger, but not necessarily healthier. In short, they won’t do for you what a personal bootcamp trainer Sydney can do with a good long session of bootcamp training Sydney.

In a bootcamp you’ll learn how to use your body’s muscles naturally. You will be doing exercises without bulky machinery, just using your environments natural resources. The focus of bootcamp training Sydney offers is not to develop specific muscle groups, but to improve the overall health of the participants in a fun wholesome way. The personal bootcamp trainer Sydney city has will teach you how to be leaner, fitter, more alert and more active in every moment of your life.

The bootcamp is organized military style, and there’s a specific purpose to it. In the military style environment you will also learn new lessons about human endurance. You’ll learn how to push yourself to your boundaries and to overcome that. Bootcamp training Sydney will make a fighter out of you, and give you an attitude that will help you become a winner not only when you’re on the field, but also when you’re the office. As any personal bootcamp trainer Sydney will tell you, battles are won not by the body, but by the head.

In a bootcamp, you’ll also learn to appreciate the nature more. Bootcamp training Sydney is held in beautiful locales where you are surrounded by the nature. Imagine exercising around trees, animals, birds, where you can be one with the environment. The way we are really made to be. In fact if you have a group of attendees, you can ask your personal bootcamp trainer Sydney for locations available, and choose the one you like.

The best thing about learning to be fit in the bootcamp is that it will stay with you forever. In a gym you will grow dependent on the equipment, and your body takes a second seat to all the weights and the machines. In bootcamp training Sydney, the body is not only the target, but also the tool and the master. The techniques and exercises your personal bootcamp trainer Sydney will teach you can be practiced anywhere. You can do them in your lawn, or even in your room.

That’s why even many regular gym-goers recommend a bootcamp session over their regular gym workouts. Many fitness freaks return weekend after weekend to attend bootcamp sessions where they can enjoy true fitness in the wild with an experienced personal bootcamp trainer Sydney city has who will help you get real fitness through bootcamp training Sydney, and not just make you bigger, and shapelier.

So next time you go to the gym, ask yourself if all you want is to look good, or would you rather have real stamina, endurance and toughness to go with it. If it’s the latter you want, you need bootcamp training Sydney.

10 Things to Do and 10 Places to Go to for Healthy Living in Washington, Dc

10 Things to Do and 10 Places to Go to for Healthy Living in Washington, Dc
10 Things to Do and 10 Places to Go to for Healthy Living in Washington, Dc

Washington is the capital city of the United States. The Arlington and Fairfax counties as well as the Maryland and the Potomac River are found along its borders. With these facts, you will be amazed by the tourist attractions found in the area. Taking a tour is always fun with healthy options accompanying it.

1. Rock Creek Park. This park could lead to a good start for an 11-mile biking route from Lincoln Memorial to Maryland’s own park. Another alternative is to start from the Lincoln Memorial and pedal to The Memorial Bridge down to other locations such as Old Town Alexandria and Mount Vermont.

2. Thompson’s Boat Center. This place offers a lot of options for your boating skills. You may want to rent kayaks, canoes, boats and rowing shells. Your whole idea of water sport fun in Washington is made possible by Thompson’s Boat Center.

3. Fletcher’s Cove. This inlet is an ideal spot for fishing. With the Boat House found at Fletcher’s, you may be issued licenses for your fishing needs. You will also get the chance to enjoy the view which extends from Georgetown.

4. Tidal Basin. The ideal months for boat paddling is from March to October. You could pleasantly enjoy the sceneries of Independence Avenue while rowing your own boat. Catch your breath with the captivating sights of nature.

5. The C & O Canal. This provides for tremendous and outstanding hiking trails. Counted as only one of the numerous hike options in Washington, this trail extends 185 miles from Washington D.C. to Cumberland. Even 5% of the total area is a good way to start walking as part of your new lifestyle.

6. National Gallery Sculpture Garden Ice Rink. Skating is a sport which could not be enjoyed by everybody else in the world. While in Washington, take advantage of this choice. Amazingly, it is not just a fitness activity because while getting involved with the sport, you will also have a view of the different figures around.

7. East Potomac Park. Tennis courts are not too accessible for the public in Washington. However, the Easy Potomac Park could be a good selection with its 24 courts subdivided into clay and hard courts. If you could not find time to play during the day, you may do so in the evening with its three well-lit courts conducive for an evening’s practice or competition.

8. Iron Horse State Park. This park is found along the John Wayne Trail and is suitable not only for horseback riders but for cyclists, hikers and those who would simply want to see the views. With the forests and its hidden waterfalls, one could not help but be mesmerized with the sight.

9. Network Park. Parks are partially famous for their picnic grounds but through the Nottoway Park, you are bound to feel healthier. It is comprised of basketball and volleyball courts and softball and baseball fields.

10. Bohrer Park. Conveniently found at the Summit Hall Farm, this 57-acre lot provides for a playground area and other recreational spots. A tour around the place could lead you to fitter options. It is a multifunctional park which covers just about everything you are looking for to begin a healthy way of living.

Weight Loss Surgery in West Virginia

Weight Loss Surgery in West Virginia
Weight Loss Surgery in West Virginia

West Virginia is getting fat – dangerously fat. According to data compiled by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, our beloved Mountain State is the second most overweight in the nation, with some 66% of the adult population overweight or obese. That’s two out of three of us. Only Kentucky ranks higher.
And it’s not just a matter of looking bad. Obesity is a killer – not only directly, but through related conditions, like diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. As a result, West Virginia spends more than $200 million on obesity-related treatments every year.
Who is to blame? We are, thanks to our diet and lifestyle choices. More than half of us eat too much total fat in our daily diets, and only one in five eat the recommended amount of dietary fiber. And few of us get the 20 – 30 minutes of strenuous daily exercise we need to stay healthy. It’s no wonder we’re obese!

Obesity Defined
Obesity is not just being overweight. It is a disease. Yes, losing weight is a good thing overall, but dealing with obesity means treating the whole person, not just their excess weight.
Medically, obesity is defined as the condition of being above one’s healthy weight. Successful treatment of obesity means reducing a person’s weight to what is appropriate for his or her height and build, and also changing the person’s dietary and behavioral patterns in a way that will allow him or her to maintain both as part of everyday life.

Treatment is available. A staged, structured program of medically-supervised diet, coupled with appropriate counseling and behavioral changes, will safely eliminate unhealthy weight in most cases, allowing the patient to recover completely from obesity. Unfortunately, some patients’ cases are too advanced to be treated by this standard method. Weight loss surgery is the best option for recovery in such cases.

About Weight Loss Surgery
Weight loss surgery is a laparoscopic procedure performed with the patient under general anesthesia. The procedure takes three forms, all of which are relatively uncomplicated and generally safe: malabsorptive, restrictive, or combination. During the operation, the surgeon physically alters the patient’s stomach or digestive tract to limit the amount of food the patient can consume at any given time. This will inevitably cause the patient’s weight to decrease, usually dramatically, in the weeks immediately afterward.
Weight loss surgery is not a miracle cure. It is one part of a comprehensive treatment program. Failure to modify one’s diet and lifestyle as prescribed may cause the patient to regain lost weight and/or experience other undesirable health effects. Weight loss surgery also entails risk, including the risk of premature death. The decision to obtain bariatric surgery should only be made in consultation with one’s physician.

A Healthier West Virginia
West Virginians can win this war. By changing the way we relate to food, and by increasing our level of physical activity, most of us can eventually reach the weight appropriate to a healthy body and long life. Together with weight loss surgery, these are our weapons the war on obesity in our state.

Craig B. Thompson
Weight loss surgery in West Virginia is a growing trend, since some 66% of the state population is overweight or obese.

Weight Loss Surgery in Wyoming

Weight Loss Surgery in Wyoming
Weight Loss Surgery in Wyoming

Obesity is a public health crisis in Wyoming. Across our state, the number of overweight and obese individuals is rapidly increasing. In the Cowboy State more than 60% of the population is overweight or obese. According to recent data from the U.S. Public Health Service Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the cost to taxpayers for obesity–related expenditures in the State of Wyoming alone amounts to over $85 million annually.
And of course the costs of obesity are not limited to dollars and cents. Obesity costs lives – lives taken or limited by related illnesses, including diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and even cancer.
Do you weigh more than is healthy? It’s easy to tell. First multiply your weight in pounds by 703. Next, multiply your height in inches by itself. Finally, divide the first figure by the second. This will determine your body mass index, or BMI. (BMI = weight in pounds x 703 / [height in inches]2). If your BMI is more than 25, you are medically overweight. If your BMI is 30 or higher, you are considered obese.
Living with obesity is a struggle. Many people who suffer from this condition try to lose excess weight through sheer willpower, turning to fad diets, rigorous exercise programs, or “miraculous” weight-loss pills, drinks and powders. Some folks do lose significant weight this way, but the vast majority quickly regain it after they suspend their weight loss program and go back to their normal lifestyle.

The Surgical Option
The inability for people to lose weight through willpower alone has given rise to the popularity of weight loss surgery. Bariatric surgery, which is the surgical treatment of obesity, was created to help individuals with a BMI of 35 or above overcome the physical challenges of weight loss. Weight loss surgery can be malabsorptive, restrictive, or combination in nature, and each type presents different risks and benefits. All work by physically limiting the amount of food the patient can eat
The Lap-band procedure has become very popular since it was approved by the FDA several years ago, particularly because it is minimally invasive and generally has a faster recovery time compared to gastric bypass surgery. However, any form of surgery, including bariatric surgery, presents the possibility of major postoperative complications.

Considering Surgical Weight Loss
Weight loss surgery can be a true lifesaver, but it’s no more a cure than were the fad diets. It’s only one part of a complete treatment program. If a patient doesn’t follow the postoperative instructions from their surgeon, they are almost guaranteed to regain any weight lost or quickly hit a plateau. For surgery to be successful, patients need to make a life-long commitment to behavioral changes. In addition, anyone considering bariatric surgery to overcome obesity should research the different treatment options and examine the possible risks together with their physician before making a decision.

On, Wyoming!
The Cowboy State has much to recommend it. It will become even more attractive as a business and tourism destination if its citizens are fit and healthy. Weight loss surgery and other treatments for obesity can help our state slim down. Let’s join forces and defeat obesity, Wyoming!