Some people are under the impression that being a vegetarian means you have to eat nothing but filler and lettuce. While there are definitely many salads in the average vegetarian’s diet, there is a lot more than lettuce on a well balanced vegetarian plate. If you pay careful attention to what you eat and what you need, you can be a very healthy woman and never eat any meat. The following are a few things you should keep in mind.

You’re Doing Great

You might be afraid without too much reason. After all, eating a well balanced diet of fruits, vegetables and whole grains is an incredibly healthy way to live. Of the people who live the longest, the vast majority of them do not eat much meat and many eat none at all. So don’t get too concerned about your nutrition, since there’s no need to be paranoid about it. Just remember that your diet might not have a few things you need, and you’ll be able to proactively add them in without turning it into a big deal.


Protein is surprisingly easy to get enough of. Unless you have a specific requirement such as working to proactively build muscle, you most likely need 45 grams per day of protein. If you eat a bowl of tofu, you’re almost half way to your daily requirement right there. If you eat eggs and cheese and drink milk, you can easily get your protein that way, as well. You can also get your protein from seitan or lentils.


Calcium is critical for both strong bones and for muscle contraction. If you have a serious calcium deficiency, you’ll be at risk for both osteoporosis and muscle difficulties. Fortunately, you can find calcium in all kinds of places. Some of the best sources of calcium are kale, collared greens, soy milk, broccoli and almonds.


Iron deficiencies are a terrible problem for many women, but eating a vegetarian diet doesn’t mean it has to be your problem. You can get plenty of iron by limiting your intake of coffee and tea, which limit its absorption, and eating chickpeas, hummus and spinach. Other foods that are high in iron are soy, lentils and tofu. Drink some orange juice afterward because vitamin C helps your body absorb iron more effectively. On the whole, recent studies have shown that iron levels in the average vegetarian are actually higher than those of most other people.

Being a vegetarian doesn’t mean having vitamin or mineral deficiencies. In fact, vegetarians are usually healthier than most other people. If you’re a vegetarian, eating a balanced diet generally takes care of most every problem you might have. If you’re not sure if your diet is impacting your general health, consult your dietitian, a candida doctor, or your general practitioner.

The Fat Benefits Of Fish Oil And Flaxseed Oil

The Fat Benefits Of Fish Oil And Flaxseed Oil
The Fat Benefits Of Fish Oil And Flaxseed Oil

It is important to know which oils are healthy, for the best ones give nutrients that you may not get from other food sources. Fish oil and flaxseed oil are two of the healthiest oils that you can get, so read on to know more about their benefits and why you should start taking them regularly as soon as possible.

Fish oil

The nutrients that fish oil is best known for are the two types of omega 3 fatty acids, (EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). Both EPA and DHA are described as long-chain fatty acids that are widely considered the healthiest types of omega 3 fats. They are mainly found in seafood and fish, with fresh and pure fish oil being one of the top sources.

Eating fish regularly is the best way to get pure fish oil, but many people turn to fish oil products and supplements as a way of ensuring they get omega 3 fats. However, there is no guarantee that fish oil supplements give the same benefits as eating fish. For one thing, fish naturally contains plenty of other nutrients you simply can’t get from the oil and supplements, and for another, the oil found in fish will always be more wholesome than those that have been extracted and processed.

Flaxseed oil

Flaxseeds are also known for being rich in omega 3 fats, but they differ from fish oil in that the seeds and its oil extract presents the short-chain alpha linolenic acids (ALA) but not EPA and DHA. ALA is found in plant products but not fish and seafood, and it is considered a weaker form of omega 3 fat. This means that if you prefer eating flaxseeds or taking flaxseed oil over fish oil, you will need to consume more to get the same level of benefits that fish oil gives.

However, you can get flaxseed benefits that fish oil doesn’t have. Fiber, polyphenols and lignans are all present in flaxseed as well as vitamins and minerals like vitamin B1 and manganese. In fact, flaxseed is the top source of lignans, which are unique plant compounds that provide powerful antioxidant effects on the body.

Eating flaxseeds gives more nutrients than flaxseed oil, so if you were to choose between fish oil and flaxseed oil, you will definitely get more benefits with eating fish or taking fish oil. 1-3 grams of fish oil a day is a good dose, but you may need to consult your doctor first to get the best dosage for you.

Workout Videos Online

Workout Videos Online
Workout Videos Online

Once you start browsing the web you will quickly discover that there are quite a few different workout videos online that can help you to get where you want to be when it comes to your fitness goals. Whichever types of workouts you want to do, chances are you will be able to find videos online that can help you. Because you are going to have numerous workout videos online to choose from, the best thing you can do is to make sure that you look around until you are able to find exactly what you need.

After you have done an adequate amount of research, you should have no problems at all finding the very best workout videos to help you get in shape so you no longer have to be ashamed of your body or unhappy with it. The more time and effort you put into looking for these workout videos online, the more likely you will be to find ones that can help you to accomplish all of your fitness goals. Workout videos have helped many people to get in shape in the past and they can do the same for you as long as you take enough time to consider what some of your options are like.

When you take all the time necessary to look around for these videos online, you will be able to find dozens of them to work out to on a regular basis. There are cardio, aerobic, and weight lifting workout videos online, some of which are completely free. If you want to get a DVD set of workout videos though, you will most likely have to pay for them. Sometimes it is worth the price though, especially when you consider how much you will get out of them in the long run.

Workout videos online are a great solution for many people who are simply too busy to go to the gym or even those who work from home. If you are interested in getting some of these videos, you will need to start looking at various websites on the internet that will be able to help you out. Once you start taking the time to do this research, you should end up finding just what you need with no problems at all. In the end you will be glad that you did enough research to find the right workout videos online.

Best Price On California Health Insurance

Best Price On California Health Insurance
Best Price On California Health Insurance

We all know health insurance is a requirement and quarter of Californians do not have health insurance. One reason of this could be the rising health insurance costs. With medical expenses towering high, paying for them could be difficult. If you have not got enough insurance through your employer, following are the few tips that would help you finding best price on California health insurance plan.

Health Insurance You Need

Do not pay for the health insurance that you do not need, but at the same time make sure you are protected with what you have. The prime thing is you have to decide on what kind of health insurance you require:

* Think on how much you can pay for co-payments and deductibles. The higher you set these things, the lower your health insurance premiums would be, but you require making sure you could pay them as well.

* Do you require short term or long term health insurance? If you anticipate getting a job, which would include health insurance, short term health insurance would cover you until your boss plan begins.

* Do you require basic or complete coverage? Basic health insurance coverage covers hospitalization and in/outpatient surgery, as complete health coverage could also comprise doctor visits, preventative care, and other prescriptions.

Now you might begin hunting for the best price on California health insurance. Begin your search by going to an insurance evaluation website such as goodhealthquotes.com. These websites make it quick and easy for you to get and compare quotes from various insurance companies.

All you do is fill out one easy form with data information about yourself and your insurance needs, and you would soon get quotes from multiple A-rated health insurance companies.


Effective Weight Loss with a Gastric Bypass

Effective Weight Loss with a Gastric Bypass
Effective Weight Loss with a Gastric Bypass

Being seriously overweight or obese can take its toll on a person’s health. When people get to a certain extreme size dieting and exercise can become very difficult and they may need additional help with weight loss. It is major surgery, but in extreme cases a gastric bypass could be worth considering and this could be truly life-changing.

What is a Gastric Bypass?

This is one of the most popular types of weight loss surgery available around the world. With a gastric bypass, surgery is used to make permanent changes to a patient’s digestive system to limit how much they can eat.

A gastric bypass will only be recommended in certain circumstances such as:

Standard health eating and exercise plans have failed to help lose weight

BMI has reached over 40 (indicating extreme obesity)
BMI is anywhere from 30 to 39.9 (obese to extreme obesity) and there are also severe weight-related health issues

Weight-loss surgery is not the magical cure to obesity. Patients need to commit to a new healthy diet and lifestyle in order to get the best results.

Why Consider a Gastric Bypass?

Extreme obesity can be incredibly harmful to health. It can lead to a number of very serious conditions including:

High Blood Pressure
Type 2 Diabetes
Sleep Apneoa
Heart Disease
Digestive Disease

A gastric bypass can support a new healthy lifestyle and help people to lose excess weight quickly. For some people this can be the additional support they need to turn their lives around.


All types of surgery can come with risks and patients should be made aware of these before they decide to go ahead with a gastric bypass or any other form of weight loss surgery. These risks should be monitored carefully by a specialist health team, both in the hospital and during the aftercare stage. They are very rarely life threatening and in most cases are less risky than ongoing excess weight. The risks, as well as benefits of surgery, should be fully discussed with an experienced bariatric surgeon before committing to move forward.

A gastric bypass could help patients to live a healthier and more rewarding life.

Positive Affirmations to Help Boomers Lose Weight

Positive Affirmations to Help Boomers Lose Weight
Positive Affirmations to Help Boomers Lose Weight

“I don’t think I’ll ever be able to lose weight!”

“How I wish I could look like her/him!”

“Why do I have such an ugly body?”

“I have no willpower…I can’t control myself around food”

Does this sound like you? If yes, then you probably came here looking for a way to lose weight. You may have already tried a lot of weight loss programs and fad diets but with limited or no success. Perhaps what’s stopping you from attaining a fit and healthy body is your own mind! As long as you continue with your negative self-talk, your struggle to lose weight will remain just that…a never ending struggle.

You are probably unable to control your food cravings because you tell yourself that you can’t. You have not lost as much weight as you would have liked to because you believe you can’t. A lot of people binge to distract themselves from depression or negative feelings about themselves and their bodies. If you feel dissatisfied with your body, it’s because you refuse to accept yourself the way you are, in all probability you constantly compare yourself with other people and magnify your own flaws. These insecurities may push you to over-eat.

Once you start believing that you can lose weight, you’ll be able to stick to your weight loss program. Your negative thinking won’t de-motivate you before you reach the stage of getting results! When you accept yourself the way you are, you will be able to get rid of your anxiety and feelings of insecurity or inferiority.

Positive affirmations can help strengthen your belief in yourself. They work by the simple logic that truth is just a perception of the mind. Your perception depends on your conditioning and beliefs. Whatever we hear repeatedly becomes our belief. For instance you believe in god because you’ve always been told that he/she exists! Let’s take a simpler example to understand this, think of a child who is always been told that he is “ugly”, then no matter how flattering his physical features may be he’ll start viewing himself as “ugly”. By the same logic if you keep affirming something positive to yourself day in and day out, you will eventually start believing it. While your negative self-talk can kill your confidence, your positive self-talk has just the opposite effect!

You can either make up your own affirmations or practice the following in front of a mirror:

“I love and accept myself the way I am” (This affirmation will help you build self-confidence and get over feelings of insecurity, which push towards over-eating).

“I believe I have the power within me to adopt a healthy lifestyle” (This is the reverse of the de-motivating negative affirmation- “I can’t control myself around food”. When you believe you have the power to adopt a healthy lifestyle your actions will start reflecting your belief).

“I am at peace with my feelings and feel safe and secure” (This affirmation helps you get over your feelings of insecurity and/ or inferiority)

“All is well in my world” (This helps you feel happy with your situation)

You can focus on one affirmation per week and practice your chosen affirmation at least 30-40 times in front of the mirror (per day). Apart from that repeat the affirmation whenever you get time, while doing household chores, driving, watering the plants; basically, whenever you can.

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