Jack Lalanne Juicer Recipes & Discount Jack Lalanne Juicers

Jack Lalanne Juicer Recipes & Discount Jack Lalanne Juicers
Jack Lalanne Juicer Recipes & Discount Jack Lalanne Juicers

Eating the recommended daily amount of fresh fruits and vegetables is not an easy or convenient thing to do especially if you have a busy schedule. But if you’re serious about your health, you’ll do what it takes to consume enough fresh produce to prevent diseases like cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes and atherosclerosis. Juicing with a Jack Lalanne juicer will do the trick. Fruit and vegetable juices are delicious, as you will see when you try the nutritious Jack Lalanne juicer recipes below.

Juicer Recipe #1 – Vitamin C Tropical Jubilee

2 mangoes

1/2 cup pineapple

2 kiwis

Remove the peels and use only the flesh of these fruits. Mangoes, kiwis and pineapples are excellent sources of Vitamin C. Vitamin C provides protection against flu and colds. It stimulates the production of collagen and helps keep the skin smooth and elastic.

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Juicer Recipy #2 – Lean Greens
4 carrots, tops removed

2 stalks celery

a handful of spinach

a handful of kale

Wash the vegetables thoroughly before juicing. Use organic vegetables whenever possible.

Spinach and kale contain antioxidants that help protect the eyes from premature aging, cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration. This Jack Lalanne juicer recipe is also a rich source of Vitamins A and C.

Juicer Recipe #3 – Lemony Apple

2 apples

1 lemon

1” slice of ginger

Use organic apples and juice them with their skins on. Vitamins and antioxidants are concentrated in the fruit’s skin. This healthy juicer recipe is a good source of Vitamin C and a great remedy for colds. Apple juice made with the peels on helps lower blood cholesterol.

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Juicer Recipe #4 – Sweet Greens
1 cup broccoli

1/2 cup green cabbage

1 apple or 4 carrots

Wash the vegetables and fruits before juicing. The apple and carrots help to sweeten the broccoli and cabbage juice.

Broccoli and cabbage are cruciferous vegetables. They contain natural plant chemicals called indoles and sulforaphane that help detoxify the body and prevent cancer.

Juicer Recipe # 5 – Orange Juice

4 medium sized oranges

Before juicing the oranges, remove the peel but leave the white membranes at the center of the fruit. Take some of the white membranes inside the peel and add them to the juice. Do not juice the whole peel. It will leave a bitter taste in the juice.

Orange juice is rich in Vitamin C, and the white membranes contain bio-flavonoids that are said to protect against cancer.

Advantages of the Jack Lalanne Juicer

Compared to other juicers, the Jack Lalanne Juicer extracts up to 30% more juice. It is sturdily built and works quietly. With its extra-wide chute, you don’t have to cut up most fruits and vegetables; they will go right in. The Jack Lalanne juicer makes it easy to prepare any juicer recipe for you to enjoy.

Diet Help How To Survive The Weekend

Diet Help How To Survive The Weekend
Diet Help How To Survive The Weekend

Myth: Your hard work of diet and exercise during the week makes up for what you eat on the weekend.

Fact: Although it doesn’t feel like it, Saturday and Sunday make up about 30% of the week. So, watch out because too many weekends of splurging on all you can eat will surely add some unwanted pounds. When it comes to losing weight, consistency is key. If you have trouble surviving the weekend, take a look at some of these tips.

Keep A Food Log: When you write down what you eat during the week, including the weekend, you are more accountable for what you eat. Keeping a record will help you say no to that extra slice of pizza or that scoop of ice cream, and it will help you keep track of how many calories you are actually consuming on the weekends. If your caloric intake is much larger than on the week days, it’s a clue that you might need to cut back on the weekends.
Eat In: Date night is an opportunity to eat out, but it’s also an easy way to add extra calories. Instead of dining out, test your hand at a new recipe to wow your date and stay on track with your diet.
Plan Ahead: If you’re going to be traveling or out and about on the weekend, plan some light nutritional snacks to hold you over until you can opt for a healthy food choice rather than the next pizza parlor in town.
Carry Water: Carry a water bottle with you during the weekend to keep hydrated and to help you feel fuller. Sipping water will also help you calm a craving and say no to those temptations.
Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth: If your diet is too restrictive during the week you may find yourself going overboard on the weekends. So loosen up and satisfy your sweet tooth with small desserts during the week so you aren’t so tempted on the weekends.
Losing weight is a lifestyle change, so don’t be discouraged if you find yourself ditching your diet on the weekends. If you stick to your diet during the week you’ll find that over time your tastes will change and controlling your weekend cravings will be easier. Lastly, don’t forget to exercise, so click here to learn more about fitness and exercise equipment and how working out can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Achieve Weight Loss Easily by Using Xenical Pills

Achieve Weight Loss Easily by Using Xenical Pills
Achieve Weight Loss Easily by Using Xenical Pills

Achieving weight loss easily is possible only by using Xenical pills. Various techniques are being available to overcome weight loss, but none has been as effective as Xenical pills. You can overcome the problem of the excessive weight gain permanently with the help of the Xenical pills. You can lose about 10 to 20 pounds of the weight in one month with the help of this medication. Orlistat is the active constituent of the Xenical that stimulates the weight loss process in an individual. It is the most effective medicine against the weight loss. The success rate of the Xenical pills as a weight loss treatment is above 90%. It reduces the required inches from your body within the stipulated time. If you want to overcome weight gain issue easily then there is only one option that’s Xenical.

Xenical helps the fat person to reduce the fat content in his body and achieve the desired weight loss. To stay in shape is what you can achieve with the help of these pills. The problem of excessive weight gain arises due to the lack of the physical activity and too much intake of the fatty foods. If you don’t take care of this excessive weight gain within time then it may result into obesity. This later on results into many health complications like diabetes, heart problems, hypertension, atherosclerosis, PE, ED, and many more. The problem with the weight loss problem is that you need to completely dedicated and determined to it otherwise you may fail to lose weight. Remember that you need to put in lot of efforts to achieve the desired weight loss in stipulated time.

The effect of the Xenical can be seen faster if you do the daily exercise and control your diet. If you follow this regime then you are surely going to achieve the weight loss easily. Weight loss is the process and takes the time to get started, but once it gets started you can lose substantial amount of weight. You need to fix the timing of generic Xenical dosage daily so that it is good for the pill to show its effect. It is suggested to take the dosage of this drug before every meal. This helps to avoid the accumulation of the fats in the body. You will notice that fats are being reduced a lot in short duration of time due to the use of this pill.

Xenical implements the weight loss mechanism by primarily increasing the metabolism rate. Due to which no fats and carbohydrates are accumulated in the body and they are either being used by the body or thrown out of the body if available in excess. This the excessive weight gain process is being culminated that ultimately leads to the weight loss process. In the next step it starts converting the stored fats and carbohydrates in the body to the useful body nutrients and throw out the parts that are not useful. Weight loss is being noted as this step begins.

Xenical can also be purchased as a generic tablet, if you are not able to afford the branded medication. This would allow you to save the substantial amount of money. Don’t worry about the quality of the generic Xenical because it is manufactured as per the international standards. The generic version of Xenical works exactly like the branded medication. But, I would strongly recommend here to use the Xenical pills only after consulting with the doctor. Once the doctor recommends the medication you can either go for the generic Xenical or branded Xenical to achieve weight loss easily.

Discount Omron HBF-306C Fat Loss Monitor & Review

Discount Omron HBF-306C Fat Loss Monitor & Review
Discount Omron HBF-306C Fat Loss Monitor & Review

The Omron HBF-306C Fat Loss Monitor allows you to electronically measure your body fat levels from the comfort of your own home. It works by sending a gentle, micro-electrical current through your body and brings back results in just 7 seconds. It measures 9 inches by 2 inches by 6 inches and weighs just 12.8 ounces. The unit itself has a number of useful features which include:

9 person profile which allows up to 9 people to track their body fat levels..
Athletic Mode and Normal Mode to provide accurate results based on your current exercise levels.
Measures both BI (Bioelectrical Impedance Method or Body Fat Percentage) and BMI (Body Mass Index).
Good Points:

1) Quick To Use:- The Omron HBF-306C Fat Loss Monitor is one of the quickest fitness monitors available and can measure your body fat in just 7 seconds. This is a great feature as you can regularly check your body fat percentage or BMI without taking too much time out of your day. Simply grab the handles and you are good to go.

2) 9 Person Profile:- Another benefit of the Omron HBF-306C Fat Loss Monitor is that it’s not just a personal fat loss tool. The nine person profile means you can track fat loss in a group of individuals which makes it a great tool for coaches, nutritionists or personal trainers who don’t have the budget for a top of the range fat loss monitor. It’s also a great way to turn fat loss into a family goal by setting up profiles for each member of your family.

3) Portable:- With a width of just 9 inches and a weight of just 12.8 ounces, the Omron HBF-306C Fat Loss Monitor can be easily be carried around wherever you go. Whether you are on a business trip, a short weekend break or a full holiday, you can keep this fat loss monitor with you and continue to use it to perform a daily body fat check.

The Benefits of Juicing & Discount Juicing Machines

The Benefits of Juicing & Discount Juicing Machines
The Benefits of Juicing & Discount Juicing Machines

If you have read any nutritional advice then you know that health professionals recommend that you eat 6-8 servings of fruit and vegetables each day. This can seem like a high amount to consume and many individuals never reach their daily quota. This is where juicing comes into play! Juicing your fruit and vegetables can easily help you increase the amounts that you consume each day.

The one thing you need to be aware of is that some fruits contain high amounts of sugar. If you have diabetes, high blood pressure or are overweight you may want to limit the amount of fruit juice you drink.

The top benefits of juicing include:

• Helps Digestion – juice is much easier for your body to digest. Your body can effectively pre-digest the liquid form ensuring that your body receives the maximum amount of nutrition from each glass you drink

. • Maximize Consumption level – juicing allows you to easily reach your daily quota of fruits and vegetables. All it takes is one large glass of fruit or two glasses of vegetable juice to reach your daily requirements.

• Variety – the biggest reason people don’t eat veggies is that they are boring. With juicing you can juice all kinds of vegetables. Your body will receive tons of minerals and vitamins and you won’t have to worry about any type of nutritional deficit. Your body may react differently when you first start to drink fruit and vegetable juice. For vegetables it is best to start off by using celery, cucumber and fennel, as these are the easiest for your body to digest.

Bowflex Dumbbells and Gym Machines

Bowflex Dumbbells and Gym Machines
Bowflex Dumbbells and Gym Machines

These days a lot of people want to look good. They really strive hard in order to change their appearances. There are some people who undergo surgeries in order to have a perfect face and body. Some people opted to do workouts every day to achieve a sleek figure. But the key to looking good is to accept yourself and just be happy with that you are. But accepting yourself does not mean that you’ll just sit around. You also need to be active and get fit in order to look attractive. If you have a fit and healthy body, you can quickly catch a lot of attention.
Lots of people who do workouts use Bowflex Dumbbells. These dumbbells can be adjusted quickly so you can choose the weight that fits to your needs. Bowflex Dumbbells require only smaller spaces compared to having a complete set of dumbbells. These dumbbells can let you choose different weights; therefore it is just like have a complete set of dumbbell weights. Many people choose Bowflex Dumbbells as one of their gym machines because it can be used by the whole family. Different members of the family can enjoy using the various weights of the dumbbells.
There are different types of gym machines that you can use. Aside from dumbbells, weight benches are also gaining more popularity in sporting goods stores lately. You can see a lot of weight benches in the market today. There are different kinds and brands available so you can choose the best that suits to your needs. If you are getting confused then you can choose the basic type which has the ability to do barbell lifting. However, choosing the adjustable type can let you do a lot of exercises. Weight benches and dumbbells are nice additions to your home gym. These gym machines can already make you perform your workouts.

Tips On Keeping Fit While On A Budget

Tips On Keeping Fit While On A Budget
Tips On Keeping Fit While On A Budget

Many people hold the stereotype that if you are poor, you have to be fat. That is not necessarily true. Sure, you might not have the money to join an expensive gym and buy a lot of exercise equipment, much less trendy exercise apparel. But, you do not need any of that to get into great shape. There are many ways to stay in shape, even if you are on a tight budget.

Do you want to join a gym? Many of the bigger, franchise gyms are more expensive than the small gyms. You will find that many of your small, hometown gyms are a lot more affordable. They may even be willing to work out a deal with you. Just talk to them and see what kind of offers they have.

If you are interested in building your own weight set, that is something that you can do on a budget. When you have the money, buy the smallest set that you need. Then, continue to buy bigger sets as your budget allows. Before long, you will have all the weights that you need. If you want other types of exercise equipment, purchase it this same way, in increments.

Running is a great exercise you can do with nothing but a pair of tennis shoes. Also, you can do it just about anywhere. If you are new to running, start out slow by walking a few minutes and then jogging a minute or two. Gradually build up the time that you are running and lowering the time that you are walking, and you will be running the entire time. Aim to run about three or four days a week for half an hour to an hour each time.

Yoga is another effective exercise you can do with no equipment. You don’t even need a yoga mat, you can use a towel instead. If you do not know any yoga poses, you can check out a book or DVD at your local library. You can also look online and learn about the different poses you can do and the specific body parts they are good for. If you have a smart phone, there are several cheap or affordable apps that are very helpful.

Do you like being in the great outdoors? If so, there are quite a few different exercise options for you. Rock climbing is a fun and adventurous exercise that you might enjoy. You might even consider hiking through different state parks in your area. Is biking more your thing? Cycling is a terrific exercise. When you are outside, there are so many different options to get some exercise.

Exercise videos are another options. Most of these are affordable and there are so many different options. You can also look at your local public library, as they tend to have them.

Staying fit on a budget may seem close to impossible, but with some planning and creativity, you should have no problem. Use the tips in this article and you can get in shape and stay that way, all while staying on budget.

Walk Till You Drop – The Best Exercise For Weight Loss

Walk Till You Drop – The Best Exercise For Weight Loss
Walk Till You Drop – The Best Exercise For Weight Loss

It is very easy to come up with a quick weight loss technique and then implement it. But there is a far more important concern. Can you stick to it long enough to show positive results?

Exercise is necessary for a healthy brain and a healthier body. Furthermore, it is an important ingredient in order to maintain a fit and a smart body.

If searching properly, one can come across a variety of workout plans. Here is one which you can implement immediately! One can use this plan as it is, or alter it according to one’s own preferences.

And the best weight loss plan on the face of earth is WALKING! Surprised huh?! You must be betting on gym workouts but we have much more convenient plans for you. Well, let us have a look at how and why do we claim this!

Walking is one of the aerobic exercises. The word aerobic means “with air” and consists of all those workouts that are somewhat intense, activities one can continue for a longer period of time, and largely use the muscles of the arms and legs.

Other types of aerobic exercises are jogging, skiing, cycling, etc. The reason why walking is claimed to be the best of them all is: for one, you can do it anytime, anywhere and without any special gear or equipment! Secondly, it’s easy yet so refreshing and effective in terms of weight loss.

Walking prepares one’s mind to face the challenge of losing one’s weight! The most vital part of any quick weight loss exercises is action. One must act in order to see the change. Walking being the action leads to an automatic change of weight loss in a matter of a few days! It automatically stimulates the brain and prepares it to do an “additional act” in order to get something extra in reward (i.e. weight loss).

Aerobic exercises put forward other advantages in terms of weight loss such as:

When you exercise (especially aerobic exercise) it burns away your calories. It is a fact that regular exercise results in more consumption of food hence less calories. This blend of work out and lessened calories ends up in quicker weight loss.
In the first half an hour of your aerobic exercise you burn both consumed carbohydrates and fats. After that you primarily burn fat only.
Our body muscles are designed to burn calories, not fat. Aerobic exercise enhances the process of muscle development resulting in more muscle mass. This consequently results in greater calorie consumption without putting on more weight.
A reasonable amount of aerobic exercise curbs one’s longing to eat more and more!
With a regular amount of aerobic exercise one’s inclination to overeat would dramatically decrease! According to latest research, aerobic exercise lessens ones stress and calms the nervous system.
So, here you go then! A quick weight loss program can easily be developed and implemented, starting off with an easy-to-do aerobic exercise (i.e. walking). And the best part is, one can adhere to this workout plan till the moment it finally starts showing positive results!

The Appropriate Diet You Need for Diverticulitis Diet

The Appropriate Diet You Need for Diverticulitis Diet
The Appropriate Diet You Need for Diverticulitis Diet

Diverticulitis originates from a situation called diverticulosis. If you are older than 40, it is normal for you to suffer from diverticulosis – tiny, spherical pouches in your digestive region. In the US, more than 50 % of people above 60 years are the sufferers of diverticula. Though diverticula can develop wherever, as well as in your food pipe, small intestine & stomach and mainly develops in your large intestine. As these pouches seldom lead to any difficulty, you will not be able to identify them.

A less fibre diet is believed to be the major cause of Diverticulitis. It was first identified in the US in the late 1900s & now common all over the developed nations, the spreading of diverticular disease overlaps with the beginning of less fibre processed foodstuffs. Still, the disease is unusual in Africa & Asia, where people consume high fibre vegetable & fruit diets.

Recently, great number physicians suggested that people suffering from diverticulosis should keep away from nuts & seeds, as well as foods with tiny seeds, for instance, strawberries & tomatoes. It was considered that these small particles could trap in the diverticula & lead to irritation (diverticulitis). But there is no logical proof that nuts & seeds cause diverticulitis. Actually, consuming a high fibre diet – which may consist of seeds & nuts – decreases the threat of diverticulitis. It is now considered that only foodstuffs that may aggravate or get trapped in the diverticula are the main reason of the sickness.
A less residue Diverticulitis Diet is suggested through the outbreak time of diverticulitis to reduce bowel capacity so that the disease can cure. An ingestion of below 10 gm of fibre every day is normally believed a low down residue Diverticulitis Diet. If you have been on a less residue diet for a long period of time, your consultant may suggest a daily multi-mineral/vitamin supplement.

Once your symptoms get better, set off to insert about 5-15 gm of fibre a day to let your digestive system to regulate to the higher fibre ingestion.

Lots of people do not recognize the damage that a less fibre diet be able to do to you & the Diverticulitis Diet is truly a necessity for everybody, not just for those who are suffering from disease. You should keep in mind to take high fibre healthy diets to permit yourselves the nutrition you require to support your bodies & permit for appropriate nutrition. Still if you are suffering from diverticulitis, the Diverticulitis Diet will aid you to acquire your bodies’ nutrients on pathway & let you to be healthy once again.

The Jenny Craig Diet Helping You Lose Weight Since 1983

The Jenny Craig Diet Helping You Lose Weight Since 1983
The Jenny Craig Diet Helping You Lose Weight Since 1983

In 1983, the Jenny Craig Company was formed in Australia by both Sid and Jenny Craig. Today the headquarters are located in California. In just a little more than 10 years, this hard driving couple were able to build a company that generated over 36 million dollars a year in business. It was obvious that small town, Louisiana native Genevieve (Jenny) Guidroz had become a star in the dieting industry.

By 1998, there was a substantial drop in the earnings to 2 million dollars a year but the company managed to transform itself to fit the changing times. With a revamped and updated approach, earnings began to rise. This company has always shown the ability to find ways to gain favor with the public. Much of this success is directly attributable to the positive and tenacious attitude of Jenny Craig.

Genevieve, or Jenny as she is better known, developed an early interest in fitness during the 60’s when she was trying to lose weight that she had gained while pregnant. She opened her own fitness club in New Orleans during this time and she operated it until 1970.

Then she became a staff member at Body Contours, which was another fitness center in the area. Body Contours was a fitness center that was owned and operated by Sid Craig. The couple found that they had much in common, fell in love and were married in 1979. By working together, they were able to develop a unique concept that would turn their struggling fitness operation into a multimillion-dollar business.

The diet program that was developed by Jenny Craig Inc. is not meant to be viewed as a diet but as a practical approach to help clients develop healthy eating habits and an active lifestyle. During the company’s early years, their clients would meet with a personal diet counselor and would purchase their food from Jenny Craig Inc. These food selections were perfectly proportioned and calorie controlled. Clients could choose meals for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. There were also desserts and snacks that were offered on this plan. Diet participants would also be required to attend support meetings twice a week and discuss weight loss topics with a group that was led by a counselor. Today, pre-packaged meals are still the central theme of the program and now they can even be delivered to customers’ doors through the Jenny Direct program.

Jenny Craig Inc. did not go public until 1991. During this period, some changes were made in their upper management ranks. The program was changed and modernized. Clients were able to now choose the classes that they felt were of most interest to them. The company also started a video series that could be purchased for home use which instructed individuals about healthy diet choices and how to integrate better eating habits into their daily lives.

Celebrities that have had success with this program would very often become paid spokespersons. Among these were stars like Elliott Gould and Susan Ruttan. The most recent Hollywood stars to endorse Jenny Craig’s program have been Kirstie Alley, Marie Osmond, and Valerie Bertinelli.