The Utility Software for Your Pc

The Utility Software for Your Pc
The Utility Software for Your Pc

What is utility software?

Utility software is a form of computer software and is also called service program, service routine, tool, or utility routine. It has been designed to help manage and tune the computer hardware, as well as the operating system or application software. It also performs a single task or a small range of tasks. In this regard it is different from the application software which is likely to be software suites. Utility software is utilized into most major operating systems.

Features of the utility software:

* Disk defragmenters: A disk defragmenter is able to detect computer files. The files consists of the ones whose contents have been not stored on the hard disk in disjointed fragments but which move the fragments together in order to increase efficiency. The main function of the disk checker is to scan the contents of a hard disk and to discover the files which have been corrupted or not properly saved. A disk cleaner is also able to locate the files that are not necessary for computer operation. They tend to take up considerable space and slow down the system. Disk cleaner is the one to choose what to delete and what to retain when the hard disk is full.

* System profilers: A system profiler is able to give information about the software installed and hardware attached to the computer. There is backup software which is able to keep a copy of all information stored in a computer. It is able to restore either the full event or partial.

* Disk compression software is able to compress the contents of the hard disk. This is done basically in order to fit in more information to the drive.

* Virus scanners: The virus scanners are extremely useful and are able to scan for computer viruses among files and folders. They are important for companies in which constantly work is done by many users. In case of personal computers, virus scanners play a vital role. For example if you don’t know how to free your computer from unwanted viruses which have already invaded your computer, then the best thing you need to do is install a virus scanner. It will automatically scan the viruses and won’t let then enter you personal computer.

* Archive utilities produce a stream or a single file when it is given a directory or a set of files and usually do not include compression or encryption capabilities.